10 Ladyboys in Thailand on Pattaya Walking Street กะเทย;

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กะเทย; Due to popular demand i visited the infamous Walking Street in the sea-side beach resort town of Pattaya Thailand. My sole intention was to film another Thai Ladyboy video. This is a sequel video to my 1st Thailand Ladyboy video i created which has been viewed almost 500,000 times in less than 6 months.

You can watch my 1st video titled: 7 Ladyboys in Thailand on Walking Street Pattaya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra-cNBhelso

There is a bizzare and taboo fascination with Ladyboys in Thailand from all over the world. I find them very funny to drink with, others might have a different opinion. I tried make this video better than my last ladyboy video. So, instead of filming only 7 Ladyboys i filmed 10+ ladyboys and i also made an extra effort when editing the video.

This Thai Ladyboy bar is very popular and can be found on Walking Street in Pattaya. If you make your way towards the Bali Hai Pier it is on the left hand side, almost directly opposite Ibar and Insomnia.

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Leso771 says:

Im in love with the lady in blue dress.

Leso771 says:

OMG, all ladies are AMAZING.
Thank you Dead Farang.

jay tron says:

+Dead Farang as it's called the bar, or Is there a website?

Kangoo Kangoo says:

HELP i don't know whats wrong with me every time i take a shit my butt really itches super bad even when i take a shower please someone help

Plume Plumaje says:

5:57 to 6:00
I'm officially ready to get engaged!

millenium2003 says:

They put real women to shame.

Tupac Shakur says:

Alright then… just give me one bottle of whiskey and I'll go down on these bitches 1 by 1. No problem

Musti says:

Hey DF, great video as always. Is it alright to be drinking non-alcoholic beverages at the bar? Don't want to seem cheap lol. Been a subscriber for a few weeks, good content. Have a nice one.

Mark Sanz says:

im so jealous these girls are so hot been with some on craigslist and
they were nowhere near as feminine looking as these ladyboys

arial surfer says:

13:49 that guy is hilarious , he is looking for attention hahaha

Eddie Martinez says:

bar girls cant eat love!Who was the wize man that said that?

Adrjosval says:

A hole is a hole, better inside than outside :v

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Brummie Brink says:

i prefer pussy then dick.

Rayven Hitt says:

The ladyboy in the tight black "spider" dress from the last video is the hottest, almost looks like a real woman. >.>

However, whatever they look like, they are ultimately still men – penis is present, vagina isn't. No bueno.

I'd love to see them fuck a hot regular woman, tho. Real-life futa.

petesie80 says:

Strasse …feckin' predictive text.

petesie80 says:

Looks like my old mate Ah-ney is out of clink and back up the stresses…she's the leg crosser in the blue hooker dress.

chandler bing bong says:

The man doth protesteth too much

Semecron Lee says:

Karşı da Türk dükkanı var dikkat edin :) Erkekleri bile hamile bırakırlar.

Greylin91 says:

not sure i could resist white dress ladyboy…i'll have to try and ignore the penis lol

Paul G says:

I'll take all ten for the team.Love 'em.Shut the fu*k up haters.
Thought i'd get that in before the bigots crawl out.lol

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