11 Things NOT to do in Bangkok – MUST SEE BEFORE YOU GO!

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Bangkok is a fascinating city with some of the best street food in Asia and some of the friendliest people in the region. That being said, there are a number of rules and laws you need to know before you go. Here are 11 things NOT to do in the city of Bangkok.

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ClauWowPaw says:

I feel like most of this stuff is common sense…

Alex Merin says:

Very informative! Glad i run into this video. Ill be travelling to bangkok this january 2019! Cheers!

Nguyễn Mai Phương Lê says:

Have you ever been to Viet Nam???

Derrick Sarazin says:

Can you do a working girl video please thanks

paper is nice says:

Omg 3:08 happy hour is being freely advertised in the bottom right corner lol

Ronald says:

#7 @ 3:01
Probably half of the male tourists chose Thailand specifically to visit places like Patpong.

Kitty Yui says:

OmG! I usually dont comments on any videos but I have to this one. I disagree of what you are trying to warn people here. I am Thai and was born there and you are giving the wrong informations to many people especially who has never been there. They will get the wrong idea and info from you which is not right. I am not going through 1 by 1 but my advice to all of you is that you can watch this type of video and put into consideration and try to experience them yourself but just dont believe this type of video completely because its just one guy 's opinion!

Jose Ismail says:

I'm coming to Thailand on monday

Gabriel Rangel says:

Porra pprt video de merda

griggsyman says:

Pu don't put your hands to your chest you put it to your head/nose

griggsyman says:

Omg number 4 is stupid tuk-tuks are amazing

griggsyman says:

That first one is not true

d a n i • says:

Seriously?!??? My older sister snuck a Buddha head and it’s right beside me lmao we live in America


What a load of cack..video made for twinks..

Sceptic Frog says:

I'm gonna buy Durian, ride a tuk tuk and throw it at snowflakes while whistling… Everybody goes to Thailand to ride a tuk tuk and visit Patpong…. ARE YOU FOR REAL??????? God help you doing 11 Things NOT to do in Phuket or Pattaya, you'll run out of numbers!

The Travel Man says:

Great video guys, well done!

Janelle Blue says:

U said “don’t use tuks tuks” but why I always use tuks tuks when i were in bangkok lol you’re wrong dude

kt cool says:

11 lies about Thailand. Dude stop stealing other people's videos. This video should be flagged spreading misinformation.

EvidentLawyer47 says:

I don't 100% agree with the tuk-tuk thing (oh and by the way you're pronouncing it wrong it's killing me!) because it's a very touristy thing. As a primary way to get around, it's not great but I think it's ok to go on a tuk-tuk ride once or twice just for the experience.

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