250$ Apartment Tour in Phuket, Thailand

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boatswainsm8 says:

What is the name of the apartments?

Hindi Illuminati says:

Throw the trash back into nature lol you're funny

Crna Jelena says:

Prelep je stan! :) Kolika je tamo sada temperatura preko dana? Je l' vam vruce?

Nomopoly says:

Your apartment is really nice! How close is it to the beach? And is it really only $250 a month, or do you have to pay extras such as aircon/heating, water etc on top? How did you find out about it, and what's the minimum rental period?

Sota Sato says:

Nice house! It's nice and simple

Ivana Puhac says:

Wow !! Ovo mesto mi se najviš svidja do sad amga :) Jeste malo, ali šta će vam veće? Dovoljno je za vas dvoje, imate sve što vam treba. ma odlično :D Uživancijaaaa <3 :*

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