3 wheeled motorbike used as a delivery vehicle.

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In Thailand, Or anywhere in the world you never know what your going to see, This thing just appeared one day. I have seen lots of old ones, Normally used for delivery around the markets, This is the first one I have seen that was new.

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69Phuket says:

He's in no rush to impress ya! :))))

bangalorebobbel says:

amazing! hope You get him one day with the motor on, would like to hear the sound ;-)

Weraphat Paphotagang says:

5555 my mom.

Clint Walker says:

We use 4-wheelers or tractors with a cart behind, does basically the same thing. 

Gardeninggirl1107 says:

Thanks for showing something fun! Nothing ever, ever like that here in so. calif. My brother once made a motorized skate board that we had a lot of fun riding. Go carts too.

Joe Serrano says:

A motorized tricycle?!! That is so COOL,….over here there are plenty of models like this, but the front is more deeper, by this I mean that there's more space for cargo, its not as elevated from the ground so for this pedal-power trikes, only on smooth city roads is the norm for use, but this is COOLER than those, never before had i seen one of these COOL  1/2 Motorbike, 1/2 truck thingies,….a coupla years ago this man who in his younger years, Félipe, was a construction worker and welder, he retired with no pension and what did he do, bake sweet bread and he devised one of these trikes(pedal power,no motor)to sell his fresh baked bread! Thumbs up good buddy and I gotta tell ya i'm really impressed with your knowledge of thai!! 

john parker says:

To bad he would not start it !!  he would have bin a star  all around the world !!!  Are they made in china ???

Wallace Vivian says:

great rig to have

Dominique Griffin says:

how long have you lived in Thailand

crizzey100 says:

Or maybe he's running from that bowl of Rice you have in your hand !!

crizzey100 says:

He's not a cab driver !! Dummy ! You scared him !! Next time wear some pants !! He might talk to you !! 

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