5* Buffet Breakfast! EATING TOO MANY EGGS | Thai Cooking Like A Pro | Phuket Travel Vlog💕

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Hey guys
Welcome back to my channel, as some of you may know I’ve just gotten back from my Phuket trip, and hence here is the second vlog for what we got up to!

Sorry if it’s a little boring, we mostly did just go there for food, sun and relaxing!

Hotel: Anantara Layan Phuket

Massage: Art Massage

Cooking Class: Thai Cooking Academy

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Manhing Sun says:

what camera you using

Lavish Ashley says:

I love eggs !!!! ❤️ everybody thinks it’s weird .

GetLostwithJohnny says:

Cant wait to explore Thailand as well ^^ Enjoyed your travel vlog :)

Christina H. says:

I love how he stops and poses the second you call him the Thai Gordon Ramsey, lol.

su-ting tan says:

hey susana! if you ever see this comment lol, do you think you're free sometime this or next month? I commented a while back on your video saying that we should meet up and you said that you could!! so if you're free pls let me know bc I'm in hong kong atm! we can chat through insta my username is @sutingtann lol. rlly hope you see this lol but if you do maybe leave a comment that you saw. this and will message me? will delete this comment once u reply and message me! ahah ily and I hope to seeee youu 😍😘😘

su-ting tan says:

ahhhh trying to eat a bit healthier but this vlog is making me wanna eat everything omg ehehh 💕💕😘

su-ting tan says:

tysm for uploading vlogs!!! honestly my favorite thing to watch but not that many people upload as often as you do!!!! ilysm susana! keep doing your thing girl 💕😍😘

Lee Loves Food says:

Thai cuisine is really healthy and colorful :)

Hayley Wan says:

I subscribe to a lot of people on here and truthfully, there are not a lot of them that upload frequently as u do and u have a full time job outside of YouTube!! Your videos are very helpful and I really love your personality haha every time I watch a video of yours it’s always so quick to end even tho it’s 10+ mins it feels like I’ve only watched for a few minutes 😱😱 but girl hope u have a very good Xmas and spoiled rotten!! Would love to see a video about applying to jobs/CVS/interviews/interview questions like the whole lot and maybe a cooking Chinese dinner video again? That was actually therapeutic to watch lol 🤭🤭

mimona El-Aakioui says:

<3 I´m so inspired buy ure amazing vibe ;) strong ;) where did u buy ure back ;) that one in, grey ? ;)

Keijei Ken says:


lula C. says:

keep calm and eat eggs❤️. I'm also obsessed with eggs haha. i though i as the only one. :´D

sandy Angela says:

nightmare CPD course <3 true fear of engineers

Yuki Ng says:


Mendes Army says:

First!❤ love yaa so much!!

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