Amazing Coconut Cutting Skills – Flesh & Juice Intact!

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Watch how this man chops up a Bali coconut (in 60s) while leaving the coconut juice still intact inside the coconut flesh!

Beautiful spherical flesh and empty husk.

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Yves Raphael Burri says:

Not even this task has been perfected by African people. hahahaha Asians are superior in every single task that one can imagine.

black raven TV says:

I don't get what was so amazing

fallat1sthurdle says:

is there any reason why the mental age of the comments here is like minus 5 years?

Holy Silver King says:

Wow, you also get the meat along with the juice. It was worth it!

EternalGaming786 says:

Where is this dude located? O_O I must visit!

James Salem says:

the bast way to open

James Salem says:

the bast way to open

GainsbourgSerge says:

What's the name of that little tool he uses to free the flesh from the husk? It looks like a flexible knife.

Ralph Llanto says:

Street vendors does that in majority

Ralph Llanto says:

Meanwhile in philippines

Unsweetened Black Tea says:

thanks for sharing

Amit Kumar says:

did he work before in hair saloon.

Sharon Donit says:

I don't see the extracting of juice and flesh at all. Fascinating how they chop coconuts on top of those tree stumps. Very misleading title

Sugha Rajan says:

I respect their skills but their attitude is so damn stuck up and so proud to the extent argue & bullshitting with customers.This place is at Johor Bharu KSL Shopping malls..Pls beware!!!

Lester Kuro says:

are those filipinos? because filipino street vendors of buko(coconut) juice is waaay more skillful than these dudes. imo.

Lay Sang says:


raider pilipinas says:

Its in the philippines

Ellyani Tio says:

Where in malaysia to get this?

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