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We have used so many different methods of travel in Thailand. Airplane, train, tuk tuk, grab, songthaew, public taxi’s, sleeper trains, water taxis, uber, bicycle, and bus. Today we try a new form of transportation.

After spending time at Kata Beach in Phuket we are leaving to visit some more islands. We booked a ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi Island (yes it’s pronounced pee pee to all you immature gigglers our there.) The ferry was a fun experience for us land lubbers.

We checked into our hotel and explored the island. It’s known as a party island but it wasn’t too crazy as we are here during slow season.

Phi Phi island is breathtaking with it’s emerald waters, white sand beaches, and steep lush green cliffs that rise abruptly out of the sea. It is a place we won’t forget as it is different than anywhere we have ever been. Join us as we continue to chill on Thailand’s islands.

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After our RV trip we lived as expats in the Dominican Republic volunteering for an organization we are passionate about, Operation Underground Railroad. We pledged a year of our life to serve these children survivors. It was an amazing experience and we learned so much.

Currently we are on a two month trip in southeast Asia and most of our time will be spent in Thailand. Join us on our journey as we navigate this crazy new lifestyle.

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Saurav Banerjee says:

Your videos remind me of the movie…the sound of music….it’s great to see you all having such a great family time…. and your small daughter is such a cute doll…stay blessed 😊

Mike มหาสุคนธ์ Mahasucon says:

Shrimp chips. ? Dont eat them . Too much greases and oils. No nutrients

Joey Roberts says:

I've just started watching your Thailand Vlogs. Look like you are having a great time, Looking forward to seeing the rest to keep me entertained in work.

Mali says:

OMG phi phi island has changed so much, at 3:50 this place used to be the main location for the movie THE BEACH with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Taher Nabeel says:

Really great moments to be recorded with a lovely family .. my best wishes

Cláudio Nakamashi says:

Thailand is so Good!!!
Beautiful family :D

Apu says : says:

0:11 Pee pee island. xD I would laugh as well

Joel Feiock says:

you guys have travelled more ways than the movie planes trains and automobiles

Kits Kicks says:

Hi family.. Love ur channel! How old are your kids? I am from Malaysia and i hope you come here more often! Theres a million things to discover! Happy travels!!

WHOAM I says:

you guys should go to Full moon Party

Aaron Turvey says:

Whats with the lack of eyebrows?

Namjai Khonthai says:

The little girl is so adorable. A wonderful family.

Charles Christianson says:

Yes, Koh Phi Phi Island is a beautiful place to be. I'm glad to see you guys are having an awesome time. I have been there a few times myself. I'm jealous….. Thank you for sharing….. Cheers!!!

Danielle Huddleston says:

Love following your new travels!

Travel With Mansoureh says:

I miss Thailand. I would love to go back and go for scuba diving again and again in Phi Phi

Z BN says:

Love thailand

ohayoopuii says:

Those are prawn crackers, they usually came with the chilli paste/chilli jam (mainly sweet), the one in the toothpaste tube LOL
You can put some of the chilli paste on the crackers, but most people like the crackers better without the paste.

PS. These snacks have a super strong smell, some people like it, some don't.

well, I would recommend you guys tried the smaller size first, the 10 baht one, to see if you like it or not :D
Have a great time in Thailand!

RaisingAllBoys says:

Thank you for subscribing on my Instagram:) That island looks beautiful and I love your channel! New Subscriber here :)

fc ใจถึงเพื่งตื่น says:


Kongrit Yamsopa says:

Thank you 4 sharing vids. Last night i saw almost 20 vids(Thailand) awesome. I would like to suggest to visit RATCHAPRAPHA DAM, Khao Sok National Park, Surat Thani province. AVATAR's PANDORA !! I never been there but one day when i come back home.. I think your kids will love this adventure trip.

Gary Hardie says:

Strawberry jam for motion sickness dont work but sweet on return visit

Gavinn_defsoul says:

You got a new subscriber have a good tripp guys

Khawaja Ramzee says:

Look forward to see next video, adventures in Phi Phi island.

tham pun says:

6:58 it's a prawn cracker/chips with chili paste!!
Peppery and sweet. You should try them :)

Alex Lim T. says:

I think a thing which Madelyn holding is a biscuit and sticks of chocolate flavor (brown)/ strawberry (pink) and milk(white) flavor cream . Massage the sticks of cream to make them soft then squeeze the creams on a biscuit to design by colors. When finish, put the whole thing in a refrigerator 15 minutes to make the cream hard and then enjoy your own designed treat! 🤗

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