AMAZING Thai Food CHEAPER than Street Food?!?

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Pier21 at Terminal21 Shopping Centre in Bangkok is like the ONLY place you need to go to try a HUGE variety of authentic Thai dishes at prices that are so cheap you’d be stupid not to go there!

Here’s 10 dishes we ate and would recommend there!

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cakes nstrawberrys says:

Plain pad Thai = 30 Baht 😲😲😲
Thats £0.70 in Englad HOLY COW!!

MagicalDreams says:

Dude that music during your food porn scenes is everything

NuttaYa Jarukom says:

terminal21 >>>> Seri Market at Paradise Park Bangkok >>rotee-mataba >>etc.

Dyna Wr says:

I hope you guys could visit Indonesia once again, and I would like to be your street food guide 😂

AimeeJ says:

I went to my local Thai restaurant (owned by a family I know) I tried the sticky rice w/ mango. I didn't think I would like coconut milk because I don't like coconut. I was very wrong best thing ever 😍😍

ReMiXNeoNZz says:

That opening nearly had me in tears XDD

Tiffany Felkner says:

Haeppy, I love you when you're snarky! Keep up the great videos guys! Hugs and Kisses from the US

Pzxez Pz says:

What song did you use?? Who knOw please tell

Pingyping says:

oh wow that food :O food porn everywhere loololol

Ricarda Wong says:

Durian and coconut milk sticky rice seems so good!!! #Teamdurian

darcey curran says:

I fucking love the food courts in the shopping malls and supermarkets in Thailand

Touka 1337 says:

Wow thats really cheap, 35 Baht are 0,90€ thats nothing for such great food. Gretz from Germany :D

dread knot says:

Dude these cafeteria foods are common on all over the mall

Pikkis Bu says:

My favourite food court and a lot of foreigners :)

Purplemunkee says:

Love the music on this video!! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

Banch says:

I didn't understand how to eat at this place ):

We Wanda says:

I love Haepy's smile when eat manggo and sticky rice 😘

Mariana Kaji says:

This was sexy

Lulu Richardson says:

this video was okay but i missed all the commentary!! all the description!!! sad

Sam In says:

The durian dessert loooks so good 👌

urnam0 says:

That dude looked like an alternate costumed M. Bison at 3:51 there.

Bea Angulo says:

That's where I tasted THE BEST mango sticky rice! <3

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