Amazing Thai Food – UNSEEN Coconut Milk BBQ Chicken in Thailand! ไก่กอและที่อร่อยที่สุดในโลก

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Located in the small sleepy town of Hua Sai (หัวไทร) in Nakhon Si Thammarat, is where you’ll find what is probably the best of the best of all southern Thai style coconut milk bbq sauce grilled chicken in all of Thailand (in Thai the type of grilled chicken is called ไก่กอและ gai galae).

My wife has been coming to this spot, which is called Gai Yang Galae Hua Sai (ไก่ย่างกอและหัวไทร) for years ever since she was a kid, because her father is from this city originally, and he even knows the family that owns it. It had been over 10 years since my wife had been back here, but she said that as a kid, her and her family would drive straight there, order at least 50 skewers and eat them all.

You’ll find this type of Thai coconut milk bbq sauce chicken all over southern Thailand, just look for someone grilling up some deep red colored skewers of chicken. And I’ve tried it at dozens of places throughout southern Thailand. But no other gai galae (ไก่กอและ) that I’ve ever had even comes close to this version. This is the best of the best, worthy of a food pilgrimage to this tiny local town in southern Thailand.

Ok, so what makes Gai Yang Galae Hua Sai (ไก่ย่างกอและหัวไทร) so unique, one of a kind, and the best?

There are 2 main reasons:

The coconut bbq sauce that they use is made from pure coconut cream. Some other vendors in Thailand that make this dish add flour to stretch out the coconut milk and make it cheaper, which in turns makes the bbq sauce less flavorful and more sticky, and not nearly as good.
They have a truly unique and one of a kind grilling technique where they coat the chicken in bbq sauce, then grill it and let it dry, and repeat this process three full times. It’s time consuming and takes lots of effort, but the results are spectacular.

The Thai coconut milk bbq sauce grilled chicken was insane. It’s one of the most richly densely packed coconut cream delights that I’ve ever had. The sauce is a little sweet and nutty, and so rich that it’s almost unbelievable. Also, somehow even through the grilling and drying process, the chicken remains and not dried out whatsoever.

It was one of those transcendent Thai food experiences and unseen Thai food in Thailand!

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d33 tG says:

Is there anything that you don't like? if so, please do a left head tilt-o-meter

Team Wandetboy And Yompeurn Podcast says:

this guy is wasting his time said the same thing like over and over and over again

Ralesk Ne'vennoyx says:

You know that chicken is tasty when you see Mark almost fall over after biting into it.

SookieNightmare says:

jealous fan from America 😣😣

mary mary says:

ok im so jealous lol

mary mary says:

wow it look so good!!

Osbal Berrios says:

Another great video thank you so much Mark good job by the way Michael looks very handsome

LJFM says:

Your foodgasm face makes me so happy <3 HAPPY EATS

Muhammad Afiq says:

ayam percik what we call in malaysia

nabz al rash says:

Looks a lot like suya!!

Phylar º says:

When Mark took that first bite of that Coconut Milk BBQ Chicken I sort of expected him to pop. I'm not sure I have seen such an immense burst of pleasure and amazement from anybody.

ソロンフロイド says:

what's this called 12:01?



Joker says:

Yo Mark when are you getting the hel out of sout east Asia ? it looks like you are there now for over a month or so we want to see new stuff try to go to Tokyo or South America or Europe for a change .

Aحmd TM says:

The expression on he's face while eating every time is priceless, it almost looks like he's going to rape me.

Uwais Ahmed says:

Man he looks soo happy.

Silly Dogs says:

Mika is continuing to get more adorable and Ying more beautiful everyday. You are one lucky SOB Mark!

Amelia Hayles says:

Would love to c a mukbang! You make everything seen so delicious, I bet you could eat a tablecloth and make it seem mouth watering. love your videos Mark and Ying and Micah are such a blessing x

Patrick Wohlfahrt says:

Life changing 😂😂😂👍

Amine Bouziane says:

I love the way you enjoy food Mark !!!

chang kub says:


Joe King says:

the tastier the food the more his head tilts to the left, its hilarious

Iszman Mohamad says:

In Malaysia & Singapore it is called "Ayam Percik".

Mikwal says:

u need to be hospitalised mark

Thai Girl Adventures - says:

I love watching you ate 🐔 make me hungry all the time and hope some I would like recommend you visit my place outside Khonkaen best street food grilled chicken name place grill chicken Phu Wiang.

Faisal Adil says:

I want that now!!!


That bbq chicken was cheap

dev gurung says:

I noticed in all your videos which were shot in Thailand , food served is always cold , its not piping hot . Why is that ?

Sniper sniperislife says:

Funny that's im where im for lol

Russel trang says:

Love your videos. One question…. How are you not 400lbs?

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