Ao Nang Nightlife 2015. Ao Nang Krabi Thailand by Night. Restaurants, Bars, Shopping & Street Food

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Ao Nang is a beautiful and relaxing place. It has plenty of restaurants, shopping and nightlife, some great hotels and resorts, and it’s a great place to base yourself to explore the Krabi islands and the rest of Krabi Thailand. There are plenty of nightclubs and bars and some of the best Krabi nighlife is in Ao Nang. You’ll find a huge range of delicious Thai food and Thai cuisine in any Thai restaurant there, and there’s loads of awesome Thai street food outside on the streets. There’s also restaurants and cuisine from all around the world. Ao Nang is also home to some awesome markets with cheap shopping and there are loads of tours you can do from there: kayaking, island hopping, rock climbing, temples, national parks, waterfalls … Ao Nang has it all! Ao Nang is about 15 minutes from Railay Beach, 50 minutes from Koh Phi Phi Island and 2.5 hours from Phuket by boat; or 20 minutes from Krabi Town and 2.5 hours from Phuket by road or sea.

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Krabi is about 2-3 hours from Phuket by land or sea, and has world class accommodation standards comparable to what you find in Phuket hotels and resorts, but in a more relaxed environment.

If you’re looking into Thailand Hotels have a look at hotels and resorts in Krabi. The islands and beaches of Krabi are famous for Thailand holidays, the movie The Beach was filmed on Krabi’s Koh Phi Phi Island. And the Krabi and Ao Nang food is something else!

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Daws KevChim says:

How far is Ao Nang from Phuket??

Bro Pika says:

Have you ever vacation in surat thani ? Have fun ?

MIchael Fletcher says:

Terrific and very informative :)

phillip field says:

best videos for sure thanks for sharing

Mats Kapanen says:

Hi Darren, like your videos, I am not asking you for anything so if you ever find time or go to "Fishermans end" and that part of the beach towards the apes, it would be really nice to see what has happen there, thumbs up and keep up the good work!!!

Lewis Ansah says:

This is great enjoyed watching it saw a few people in that i met as well cant wait to return to Krabi

Michael Bell says:

See you in 4 weeks!!🤓

Holland Thailand says:

Such a delicious looking street food session! Wonderful foods out there
have nice weekend Darren

Sno Bird says:

I enjoyed this vid very much. Good job. Thank you.

Gerd Welz says:

Good job!

Gerd Welz says:

Best place in Thailand!

Jens Meissner says:

You make really awsome vlogs. Great work :-) which camera you use? The moves are so smooth. Looks very professional.

Heidi Lock says:

As always- just fantastic! Thank you.

griselda rodgi says:


Pongkwan Chodklay says:

Are there any places you can recommend with children in Krabi? We will be going July 2016, this will be the first time with my 2 kids and friends. This years I was on Phiphi, Phuket and Hua hin to visit some family but without kids. :-D

Michigan Mister says:

if I'm ever able, I would see this place for sure, but only for maybe a night. I prefer the less touristy spots you have shown. (maybe if I was younger?, lol) curious as to the amount of std's there, is it comparable to other worlds regions? awkward question, so no worries if you don't care to respond. you are the very best on the web, and I'm not just glad handing!

taewachien says:

I really liked this one. In my eyes you're one of the richest men in the world.

snucky the hunchback says:

Another great video. Thank-you Darrenb3. I'm in Canada, its snowing, my truck has broke down and I'm eating peanut butter sandwich with no milk! Life is good! Thank-you for your prayers. All the best.

ChineseFood 198 says:

Very nice channel. I love your good video and subbed to it too. Best wihses

MrAlcho02 says:

Another great video mate, very entertaining ty for uploading

Lyanna zul says:

i was there 15 yrs ago….looks diffrent…the snake zoo still there?

motherofaheartwarrior says:

Nice video. I liked the format and that it showed the bars and food too!!

Lazy Travel Days says:

Just Sensational.

TheHouseof5 says:

coming back to thailand in july just might have to come visit krabi. looks like an awesome place to visit.

Mark Graham says:

Awesome !!!!

Elephant Fung says:

just discovered your channel and i love all of the videos. keep up the good work =)

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