ASK A FIGHTER — Buakaw vs. Simon Marcus — Sparring before the MPL

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Buakaw and Simon Marcus doing work in Hermosa Beach


NavySeal2208 says:

What a terrible fucking filming job …

Shehryar Khan says:

Tits!!! Baukaw is the most feirece Thai Boxer of all time

DjangoLeBlack says:

Thais are Black Asians

José Carlos Polastri says:

0:53 Hippo hush

Christian Rankin says:

So cool to see them aware of there abilities and not worrying about the cliche that is "ego". They are having some fun and not fucking shit up lol a good lesson for those who have already been to war.

Rick Grimes says:

simon is a steroid user lol and he got knocked out by a dominant white male that smokes ciggerates

AMYAS Seek Truth says:

I love Buakaw… (no homo)
He seems humble, down right decent, honest, respectable.

Lamosaet indy says:

นั้นนมหรือ ก้อนขนมปังฝรั่งเศษ

Patrick Choi says:

buakaw blacker than a black man!!

Oneeyed Troll says:

Niggers cant play with someones elses shit, niggers do it for the $$ and stuff thai people take it seriously and its like a culture and lifestyle to them. He might be big but its a nigger so yeah #truthhurts

jahlove111 says:

i should've watched it with the sound off… 

Gami says:


Tehshtevan says:


SilvershapeVideos says:

How are you doing with that? I just started a week ago, man it's hard but I really like it

TheTwsa says:

What does this guy Simon Marcus work as in ordinary life, I mean, you become what you do?! That is why, above all, guys, stay off the doll/wellfare…

la lala says:

ohhhshi oooo uggg oosshhhi uhhhh

sounds like im watching hardcore gay anal sex.

snausegman says:

oh btw I saw marcus sparring saenchai and he got thrown on his head about 3 times lmfao saenchais 5ft6 147 lmao buakaw would beat marcus no doubt in my mind.

snausegman says:

nope I got it myself bud im a big boi now

tapilaha says:

Lol mommy n daddy got you a summerticket for thailand?

snausegman says:

lol my"tough guy" response? is nothin but facts fuck head im going to train in phuket next week fuckhead lol

tapilaha says:

Lol whatever little man.. im not even gonna react to your "tough guy " response…. enjoy your life full of internet toughness ;)

snausegman says:

lmfao you must be friends with simon or something because you don't know shit buakaw isn't in his prime anymore but hes still capable of fighting at a very high level and artem Levin isn't shit man lmfao dude doesn't even have legit thaiboxing technique. his shits whack.also if you were a real buakaw fan you would know that when he faught the 21 yr old (malik Watson)it was a demo fight because he had to negotiate his contract with thai fight and wasn't allowed to do a real fight fucking idiot.

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