Bangkok Airport – Season 1 Episode 2 – Thailand Documentary

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Bangkok Airport – Season 1 Episode 2 – Thailand Documentary

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markmnorcal says:

Why why why the "club" music? Its tasteless and overkills the brainless party til puke scene.

Three Hours says:

Everybody in that Airport has quite the character, and just so happens to be a star in either singing, modeling, a drive and maybe some genius in being the head of the Airport while also being a freaking doctor. O.O Thailand is a place that probably should be visited. An Asian tour would not be complete without visiting Thailand I'm coming to find out.

Romi Gupta says:

we love bangkok – from india

T Becker says:

i heap shit on british tourists. avoid them like the plague. luckily they hover together traveling like flies on shit. you can smell them for miles because they are usually puking on the sidewalks together.

jon s grandal says:

some people have never manners ….

Antonio Fernandez says:

Look we have the same youtube logo. it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mike fox says:

I thought the guy Will was going to call his mommy.WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Jaqueline H says:

I feel for Will's parents, "What have they done to deserve a child like that"? shame on him.

Omar Crisante says:

He is lucky that the wound on his foot has healed. If he was diabetic, they would have amputated his foot. 08:43.

ChinaAl says:

I saw Episodes 1 – 6. Loved them. Was there any more made or just the one season? Thanks

bthebest says:

So many homos there!!! A wonder land for all the ghetto gay activists we have in the Americas!!! Maricas..

seanmoriarty2 says:

Well as an Aussie I am often ashamed at the antics of my countrymen I see around Thailand. Have fun, let your hair down, but don't act like a tosspot. How many times have I needed to make a quick exit to avoid said douche-bags…..

Alpha Beef says:

why the fuk brits got fuked up teeths?

Alpha Beef says:

fuking rude and stupid brits.

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