Bangkok Street Food – Thai Street Food – Street Food Thailand (Part 3)

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Bangkok Street Food – Thai Street Food – Street Food Thailand (Part 3)

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samyu rakop says:

I hear Hindi music in the background :)

birdymaniac says:

very fat fried food

Anon “theredhairguy” Anonymous says:

The beeping in the background would drive me nuts.

Nonum says:

I want to try those..

darian roscoe says:

Nice video but the whole thing is one food item. Diversity of dishes would be welcome.

joel750 says:

Looks good but No offense: the people cooking it wears NO Plastic GLOVES to protect the food from their bare hands and you don't know if they picked their noses or touched their balls WHILE cooking their merchandise! we all know that your hands are the Filthiest part of your body and i'm sorry but i don't want to get listeria or E-coli eating what they're selling due to bad hygiene practices or lack of it regardless of how good their food is because getting sick is not worth it. :(

MuppetsSh0w says:

What is the name of this banana crepe?

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