Bangkok’s Victory Monument and Thai Boat Noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ)

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Bangkok is a huge city, but the city comes together into a few central hubs, one of them being Victory Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ).

Victory Monument is one of the transportation centers of Bangkok, a lively roundabout that always flowing with traffic of all kinds and bustling with people. In Thailand, as in much of the world as well, where there are lots of people, there will be lots of street shopping and lots of street food as well.

Not only can you catch a Bangkok bus, van, taxi, motorbike taxi or the BTS skytrain, you can walk around the entire circumference of Victory Monument (อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ) and snack all the way around.

In this video first I stop at a stand selling all kinds of dried and salted fruit. Be sure to try the dry grapes, they are intensely sour and salty on the outside making them a real strange and surprising treat. They are small but will definitely wake you up!

Street bottles of freshly squeezed bright orange juice are everywhere on the streets of Bangkok and Victory Monument is no different. I stopped at a stall to pick up a bottle of orange juice – and despite it being quite sweet, it was indeed very refreshing! The bottle of orange juice cost a total of 50 Thai Baht.

A visit to Victory Monument in Bangkok would be incomplete without a visit to the boat noodle alley, one of the most delicious activities to do in Bangkok.

The noodles are served in small bowls, so it’s customary to eat a lot of bowls and stack them up on the edge of your table. Eat and eat and eat, and when you’re done, the waiter simply counts your bowls and tallies up your bill from how many bowls you ate.

Thai boat noodles are extremely delicious, flash blanched rice noodles bathed in thick rich porky broth along with a few sprigs of morning glory, some pieces of meat, and a few pork meat balls. If you’re hungry in Bangkok, boat noodles will come to the rescue!

If you’re looking for what to do in Bangkok, make sure you include a walk and and eating tour of Victory Monument on your itinerary!


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iDomiX says:

I was there today because of your video Mark. Absolutely great thank u. 

James Arthur says:

Do any of I recognise that he makes the same face after he puts food in his
mouth ?

Sila Kazama says:

You really know how to eat enjoy food, Mark. I love your passion :) keep
them coming please :D 

Ann Coronado says:

Are you a writer? Your videos are pretty good :) And dang you have that
skinny genes that no matter how much you eat, you’re still pretty thin! I
love this particular type of Thai dish– There’s a good place in Los
Angeles where you can get the best one called Pa Ord in Sunset Blvd. The
spicier, the better!!! 

Daniel Motta says:

I always enjoy watching your videos. Keep up with the good work

Spanish Jo says:

Hi Mark,
You should change the mouth pattern when you eat! You have at least 10 type
mouth eating pattern in food show if you can! Good luck!

Khaitoon Katy Kendall says:

oh god the number 8 bus brings back all kinds of memories

markeewan says:

You must have worms Mark, you can’t eat all that and stay so thin. Anyway
great video to introduce people to Boat Noodles

Shouq Blue says:

Waah, you eat so well

Todd March says:

Who wants to marry Mark Wiens? Com’on raise your hands! His love for the
exotic and his sexy appeal–well, sign me up! Thanks for your great videos
and your warm and lovely face, Mark…!

Sarker Sharmin says:

I would love to see you in Discovery channel Mark. I hope and wish you the
best. I was there in Thailand in January and it was awesome.

The Gunman says:


1frickinxanimal says:

“the sour grapes are so sour, they burn the back of your throat. it’s
fantastic.” LOL WTF!

NtshuaPaj Vang says:

how do you eat so much and stay in shape? LOL.

goddess christ says:

Hi Mark, love the way u eat so aroi mak mak !!! Keep it up.

ThePrincessbeebee says:

I love boat noodle!!! I’m jealous, I miss Thailand!!

Nok Noi says:

Did I count the bowls correctly? Eleven bowls? Wow! Where did you put all
the food? LOL!

Michael Roger Behme says:

They must have to do so much dish-washing.


I love all your videos Mark Wiens, they’re original and very interesting,
at same time you’ve a great job just travel and eat. I want also a job like
that, can you help me? 

Dabney Fountain says:

What’s the deal, Mark? How is it that you eat a lot and yet you’re so
slim? Is it it genetic…hot sauce, no dairy ? share your secret,

Steven King says:
Tenzin Dechen says:

1:49 is the best part

Mersad Kisevic says:

BKK is so full of life awesome food awesome people

Kay Minis says:

Mark, you are the best !! but fresh squeezed OJ any problem with Bangkok

bebebutterfield1 says:

I subbed you because I love to watch you eat. You could do faces for porn.
The look of sheer pleasure on your face when you eat makes people

ศุภกร ปัถวี says:


Amamkoncahuanquichu says:

You’re hungry!

lilypearl30 says:

Would you ever consider living back in the states? Or is it cheaper for you
to live there?

Mai Maitho says:

Are you half Thai? Your Thai speaking really good.

GYP Chularat says:

น่าอร่อยจังเลย ;)

john doe says:

get really hungry watching these vids i think im going to cook an ramon lol

unregisterdperson789 says:

Wow! you ate about 12 bowls and each bowl was 32 cents so in total only
about $4.00 

Massimiliano Unternahrer says:

I’m planning of going to Thailand. What do you recommend me to visit and of
course eat. 

Jurgen Raemaekers says:

I just eat my self the victory monument boat noodles.aroy mak mak

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