BBQ Pork Skewers “Moo Ping” – Hot Thai Kitchen!

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bpasu  ​ says:

The ultimate Thai street food, and the best thing I’ve ever had on a stick!

fornax100 says:

I thought the name of this dish was “Oink Ping”! 

Mark Curry says:

Great Video! Thanks for the short and long versions. And thanks for the
detail of the why. That makes the difference in the texture as well as the

Pi Pla says:

is there a difference between ‘moo ping’ and ‘moo yang’?

Neny Lei says:

That’ s looks very delicious with the simple seasoning. But please I would
like to know which brand of soy sauce did you used. Thanks

Kehmet14 says:

Can you add corn starch to chicken satay marinade , to prevent the chicken
from getting dry? Why didn’t you soak the skewers before grilling?

bri bart says:

i like the new “mini” videos u have been doing lately. They are like little
movie teasers! hehe

judyvang2009 says:

What brand of soy sauce do you use? I find all soy sauce taste TOTALLY
different. Thanks love your videos

kiiellox says:

i request ‘moo sa tae’ next pleaseeee:D i lovelovelovee your videos also
your beautiful smile:D ;D

Thitithai Chaikitti says:

ครั้งหน้าหากมีโอกาส อยากรู้วิธีทำหมูปิ้งนมสดด้วยครับ ^^

เเต่ผมลองหาข้อมูลดูวิธีทำเเต่ละที่ต่างกันเยอะมากเลย ><

drummerchef851 says:

Great recipe, Great channel. You must be in Thailand, the city behind you
was beautiful and clean!

James Keery says:

I made these yesterday for some friends and they were incredible. I only
managed to marinade for 4 hours and they were still brilliant, will go
overnight next time.

Thanks for the great recipe!

Yan Mah says:

that’s just what i am looking for! as you just said on the video, it’s
definitely and ultimately the thai street food. it’s everywhere in thailand
and it really tasted good. i will try this recipe soon! thank you so much.

Poadood says:

I was wondering what is the paste that some street vendors put on this? I
know the one guy I always got them from had a yellow container. Not sure if
it was more of the marinade or something else. Thanks!! Love the videos

Peace.Love.Joy says:

I’m so jealous of your neighbors because they probably smell all that
deliciousness coming from your place- I would ask for some Thai cooking
lessons bahaha xoxo

Deanna Salas says:

Do you have a jeow recipe that can go with this dish?

chanokpol oppenheim says:

where can I find cilantro roots?

Trailtraveller says:

I cut the meat like a harmonica

PailinsKitchen says:

The ultimate Thai street food, and the best thing I’ve ever had on a stick!

loskor moloikot says:

not of thai origin however this is a thai version

Trailtraveller says:

One of my favourite….streetfood.

Kouta Ono says:

You deserve at least 120,000 subscribers

squange20 says:

Can you use ketchup manis if no black soy available?

fengyun xiao says:
stacey g says:

Absolute love all your videos 

Mary says:

I love LOVE your videos and your cooking. I’ve learned so much through your
videos and have tried many of your tutorials. They are amazingly tasteful.
Keep up the amazing work.

realamerican2580 says:

I notice you used your hand when you eat the rice, is that traditional in

mf26 says:

Looks great. When will we see you on Saturday Kitchen over here in the UK?

lclah79 says:

No heat:( I need more Love this video. 

Lori D says:

My greatest fear is that you will close your website I learn a lot from
your site and videos. I am Filipino but I am becoming more of a
Thai…Thanks to you..

G Vos says:

Pailin i learned to do lemonjuice with the skewers my mother told me that
the meat comes easily from the skewers when you eat great video thank you .

Himawan Sendjaya says:

This is one of my fav while in bangkok!!

nobodysbusiness says:

Soak skewers in water for 5 minutes before using to prevent the skewers
from burning

Jason Wagoner says:

I know what I am making this weekend! Looks great! Thanks Pai:-) 

congtusacto says:

Thanks Pailin. great foods, you make me drools. Not sure i drools because
the foods or looking at you :). You can also sub merge the bamboo sticks
to water to prevent burnings. 

neo Jeets says:

That looks great. A definite must-try ;)

warci says:

awwwwww man, so good, only missing a litre of beer chang and an icebucket
in that picture.

Oo2k10 says:

What about fishball on a stick there’s ton of those. They are the best food
I ate on a stick.

desobg says:

I love moo ping…How about some moo det dio next time ? :)

Southcoasting says:

I love moo ping, yours is a lot darker than mine and I like the idea of
using fatty meat, the closest I could probably get to that is spare rib

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