Beautiful trap – Pattaya Beach Road Soi 6 7 8

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►Secret and banned videos
►Dating with Thai ladies and girls
►Book hotels in Pattaya with Discount up to 70%
✔PattayaRandom travel guide
Pattaya, Thailand. Walking around the Beach Road at the evening, watching amazing sunset. Soi 6 and 6/1, Soi 7 and 8. Famous streets full of bars, girls and transgenders.

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‘Nightcrawler Broken Dreams’ by Nightcrawler Music is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


Pattaya Random says:

►Secret and banned videos
►Dating with Thai ladies and girls
►Book hotels in Pattaya with Discount up to 70%
✔PattayaRandom travel guide

Shane Junyor says:

Bruce is so bad ass. lmao

Хасан См says:

От трансов и камера не всегда спасает

GEORGIOS798 says:

maybe the trap at the end of the video…maybe…

Rodrigo Murcia says:

Hagan subtítulos en español

mae hidell says:

Must be hard to navigate first couple of times there . If your going for a female , the choices are endless and readily available .

TheNutriarat says:

3:09 LOVE the seafood!!! Fantastic!

Bertl Barm says:

pattaya safari, all time a goodie, even on a toyota chassis

Jacob Jacob says:

0:32 somebody wanted a refund.

pradaman307 says:


thecowcanon says:

Entertaining video content and the fact that you listen to Nightcrawler!

Gamma R0ck says:

Looks like a different world from when I was there, 5 times from 1988 to 92, Wow. I am enjoying your content ~

thaihammeren says:

horseshoe carb i like some off that..-

Ozzy Viper says:

thy are caling ppls for what?🙄

belfig1000 says:

Excellent videos, I'd like to visit for sure, as far as meeting a girl I wouldn't want one of the street whores , Id like to find a local girl that would spend the entire vacation with me and show me around.

Steven Hulbert says:

Bangkok, oriental city with no welfare system. There's beauty in the ocean and sundowns, cheap drinks, hotels, hostels. Will always be a corrupt country but there are many good people just trying to survive.

Paolo Russo says:

Che posto di merda!

Mike Armstrong says:

A few weeks ago, o k , many few weeks ago, a 6 bedroom, fully furnished beach house was 8 bucks a day. A trimaran with crew was 6 dollars a day. We encountered a storm returning one day. The waves were starting to wash over the hull so we tied ourselves to the sides of the cabin. It was exhilarating. After reaching shore, I asked my sister in law how she took it all so calmly. She commented on how calmly the ship's crew was handling the situation so why should it upset her. I explained that the crew had been totally toasted since lunch.

Khalid Ismail says:

I was there in 2008 with my girlfriend, only stayed 3 days and back to kuala Lumpur, too many Bars next to each other music blasting, not pleasant

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