BEIJING FOOD – Thai Chef restaurant in Beijing China

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Beijing Food a Thai chef shown how to cook a eag and others here in Beijing China, GREAT FOOD nothing with the food we use to eat in the western countries… If you want to eat Chinese Food go to China
Beijing is a beautiful city of China with more than 20 millions inhabitants, very clean and great organization, everything, signs and indication s in English and Chinese. City is A beautiful, easy and modern city, many young guys with an incredible future potential. I’m understand why they did the 2008 Olympic games.
Beijing offers GREAT FOOD, fresh fruit all the time, excelent small TOMATOES, an incredible DUCK dishes, many plates, very simple and many options for world people.
The Great Wall of China very close (an hour driving) the forbidden city very close in Beijing, the Tianamen square, Mao, teather, Chinese opera,… the easy shopping way, from silk market to luxury Chinese products..
SO, Beijing a city to visit, friendly and beautiful for more info

“Beijing” means “northern capital”, in line with the common East Asian tradition whereby capital cities are explicitly named as such. The city has been renamed several times. During the Jin Dynasty, the bity was known as Zhongdu (中都) , and then later under the Mongol Yuan Dynasty as Dadu (大都) in Chinese and Daidu to Mongols (also recorded as Cambuluc by Marco Polo). Twice in the city’s history, the name was changed from Beijing (Peking) to Beiping (Peiping) (北平 Pinyin: Beiping; Wade-Giles: Pei-p’ing), literally “Northern Peace”. This occurred first under the Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and again in 1928 with the Kuomintang (KMT) government of the Republic of China.
Beijing is divided into 16 urban and suburban districts and two rural counties. Beijing is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and motorways passing through the city. It is also the destination of many international flights arriving in China. Beijing is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center of the People’s Republic of China, while Shanghai and Hong Kong predominate in economic fields. The city hosted the 2008 Olympic Games

PEKIN en CHINA ciudad con mas de 20 millones de habitante pero ordenada, limpia y bella no encuentras un papel por el suelo, todos muy amables, ejemplo de lo que la China esta desarrollando y porque fue sede de las Olimpiadas o Juegos Olimpicos del 2008.
en Pekin se come de maravilla con muchos platos ligeros y con tanta fruta fresca y deliciosa, se puede variar cada dia y con precios modicos para los occidentales, no perderse el PATO en mil modos ademas de visitar la grande muralla china (que esta muy cerca) ademas la ciudad prohibida y muchos atractivos mas. Para mas informacion busca en:

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