Best Damn Thai cooking of Fried Rice ever!!

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Fried Rice recipe and cooking course especially for my viewers. I eat here every single day and you can see how they prepare food in Thailand in real time.

If you like this video I will film an entire series of how to cook Thi food videos and interview different Thai chefs from their kitchen or food stand.

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kumar singh says:

Just a poor lazy fried rice with monosodium glutamate!! NOT ”BEST” !! If
thats your best, then you know nothing yet about a really delicious fried

Mimi Keel says:

I dusted off my wok and made this dish with sliced steak tonight. Yum.
Thanks for the video, Mr. V.

galaxy says:

how much is it?

davidslott says:

You have a great voice but did the chef have any idea what you were saying?

Darren Nicholls says:

Where can you buy pork powder from.Im from Australia but am will to try and
get it from overseas if I can

bogellenong says:

lol SMG=Small machine gun

Tim Morrison says:

No need for msg if you already use pork powder.Thai people use msg when
they sale cooking food just to creat appitite as customer eat.

Ethan Chen says:

The cook dosent even give a shit about what the guy is saying…lol

johnny c says:

i think he meant black powder

joe mckay says:

I’ve looked into why MSG is added to food, and they say it boost flavor,
but it gets a bad rap because that type is manufactured and not the natural
form it was discovered from, and so many people have adverse reactions.
But overall the stir fry looked delicious

Mark Burt says:

MSG is just what restaurants use to “enhance” a customer’s appetite.
Definitely not necessary at home. That stuff is terrible for you.

Kevin P says:

The first thick sauce at 1:53 was probably OYSTER SAUCE not SOY SAUCE.
Then FISH SAUCE and lastly SOY SAUCE. Thai’s will use oyster sauce and
soy sauce together in their fried rice.

Shanks says:

I would eat it but without the msg.

James Chuaycham says:

Nice delicious recipe. Good job!

sashimiYumyum says:

watching this while eating thai food haha

InmanRoshi says:

MSG is simply sodium salt of glutamic acid, an amino acid which is the
building block of proteins. You get glutamic acid from almost every food
you eat from grains to meat. You know that quinoa that everyone is
convinced is so healthy for you these days? It’s chock full of the the
same chemical compound as MSG.

MSG is perfectly fine in moderate doses for the vast, vast, vast majority
of people. It got a bad rap in the 1960s based on bad science, rumor
mongering and and innuendo (the hilariously named “Chinese Restaurant
Syndrome” LOL) , and none of these complications have been born out in
decades of scientific study since. 

Chente says:

This is funny because black people only order fried rice at asian
restaurants, it’s also one of the cheapest dishes so go figure.

Rattanarerg Onyaem says:

I am Thai…
and most of food shop in Thai put MSG in their food
I hate MSG too but cant help….but to eat(I cannot cook)
I think capable cook can make its without put MSG,but its look like some
kind of culture to put em…. -*-
If you want to eat healthy food you can only eat in hi-class restaurant or
make its yourself -*- (I prefer KFC ….Its not healthy lol)

kabaomoua1 dukemoua7 says:

Good but not healthy….msg will get you..

Errol246 says:

MSG? No thanks

Adiyat Coto says:

He didn’t use MSG, he was using sugar.. And for the additional powder they
were Pork Powder and Salt I guess

Pradeep Kumar says:

bro u saw the recipe many times bt still couldnt figure it out the
recipe……its very sipmle…he added sugar,salt n it ws not pork
powder….its broth powder ie chicken broth powder similar to MSG…..n its
oyster sauce first n light soya at last…….n come on its not DRY
GARLIC….its burnt garlic…… fried garlic…..

kabaomoua1 dukemoua7 says:

Simple…..we asian make these everyday…

Eric Thomas says:

with MSG, EVERYTHING is the best!

reiniervanbergen says:

@Kevin P first ssuce is dark soy sauce not oyster ssuce. Taste is more
sweet less salty then thin soy sauce (last sauce in video)

Jervinch Guillermo says:

the first soysauce is actually plain soy sauce while the second is savor or
flavored soy sauce commonly found on Asian markets, 

Nicola Kypreos says:

awesome recipe! 

Natalie Dillard says:

this is too funnyyyyy…lost in translation

Nihilna says:

loving’ it !

Zhi Zhang says:

He said “coconut”, not pork powder. the brown powder is brown sugar or plam

sawadikin says:

use MSG = it’s mean You can’t cook.

eugene davis says:

dang I pay 8.00 dollars for that?never again, I make 

isaac castanon says:


Mix3dMartialArtz says:

something tells me this guy traveled to thailand for more than the fried

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