Best Pattaya Hotel for Mongering? [April Suites; $28/Night]

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So far, one of my favorite hotels in Pattaya: April Suites. I paid $28 per night & thought it was pretty nice. Location of the hotel is close to Soi 6 and Soi Buakhao, yet in a quiet side street. Thus, no noise disturbance whatsoever.

Motorbike taxi to Walking Street was 50 Baht, 7-Eleven is just around the corner. More info in the video & comments below!


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Daniel Connolly says:

Just back from Patts. Stayed here for 6 nights. Yes. Very quiet. Be careful… I actually booked into August suites but they put me here and in April suites with a bigger room then one in epics video (Quite a large room).. (I only booked a basic room I think… (Could have been a blessing in disguise) … Alot quieter.. And only 6 floors.. pretty good loacation (walk to 6. or 7/8). Was still able to use August's gym, restaurant, bar, pool.. if I wanted to. April still had a gym pool and sauna tho on top floor. Could still get meals which they bring over from August.

I have also heard of people booking April and being put into March.

Overall pretty good place.

Let me know.. if there are better places in Patts

blueman4444444 says:

Nice another hotel to book mark for my next visit to Pattaya great price and good rooms close to the hot spots.

Richard's World says:

I think Agoda has affiliates links. I just seen someone else promoting Agoda hotels, most likely so he gets a commision.

Rob Bradley says:

You're one sick puppy!!! lol

ExecutivePenStylus says:

You need to do a video about Insomnia and I-bar on walking street in pattaya. How 95% of the girls are free lancers or even gogo girls bar girls but pretend not to be. And they literally make u spit game. .. however I've meet some of the hottest girls in Thailand there 10 in face/ 10 in body…they may even get upset when u say how much, yet they were fucking an hour earlier in the gogo bar. This can be odd for newbies. Also do a video on why a bar girl may not charge u, is they are looking for a long term sponsor…basically they trick u into trying to fall in love because u are like well yeah she worked at a bar but doesn't charge me….well guess what who the fuck cares your going to get taken advantage of later….. once a whore always a whore…also do a video about all the bar girls bad habits drinking party too much etc and there real view on farang…I love whores but only for 1 night…

Maynardj says:

Stayed there for 3 days..

hands down the best hotel in Pattaya. You can read my review on TripAdvisor with pictures

ricky usa says:

Was that a non smoking room or is the entire hotel non smoking?

Thomas Mahan says:

Hey King…love your videos. I stayed there last month…I would swear it's the same exact room. Anyhow it's a great hotel, the pool is good. A great spot from which to monger.

Glenn Arthur says:

My friend is going there in April 2017. Great information I'm passing it on to him. One of the funniest hotel reviews ever….great job King Epic!

celtsfan13 says:

I like his videos. But my god is he cheap. 2000 baht for deposit hes whining about. He must lowball all the sluts constantly. Bet you he never bought a friend a drink in his life.

Joe Webster says:


Amd Kwt says:

(View Talay 6) is the best place to stay in pattaya, trust me

joel says:

Nice next to Soi 6?

patnya bangkok says:

im gonna come rob your safe now i now your code, 1234. 555

Chris Sandstrom says:

The price seems good, and the quietness would be great. Thanks for the tip

Craig White says:

Dear Kingepic
Great film.
From Craig White.
You Superstar, You!
From Craig White GB.

Robert says:

Hello, you make great videos. Which camera do you use?

Suman Thangadurai says:

What about taking the girls to the room.

dougthebugwrx says:

lol , your body lotion

Asif Goldmine says:

your wrong about guest friendly mate.. it is guest friendly but only for one lady.. second one has a charge

Asif Goldmine says:

I see you slapping the hangers like bangkok112 lol I know hats where you found out about it from lol

Asif Goldmine says:

I live you epic!! mate I just booked that hotel my son!!!!

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