Best Surfing Beaches – Karon & Kata Beach Phuket

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on our first full day in phuket we will be taking you to 2 of the best surfing beaches, Karon beach and Kata beach.

We managed to rent a scooter for 180 baht per day and headed towards karon beach first. The waves were really huge and sent me flying. Karon beach was fairly average, it wasn’t that appealing and have definitely seen better beaches else were in Thailand. There was plenty of water sports to do at karon beach to keep you entertained. As big as the waves were we didn’t see any surfing shops here to our surprise.

Next we headed to Kata beach which was a little more appealing but still a very average beach to look at. The waves were still really big and they actually had a surf shop here were you can hire surf boards. You can also do water sports here at kata beach to.

If its typical stunning Thai beaches you are after then phuket probably isn’t what you are looking for. There are far better beaches to go to else were in Thailand, Although phuket will make a great place if surfing is your thing as these are the best surfing beaches i have seen in thailand.


Jean Ann says:

I love your videos

Mark Evans says:

Next beach along Kata Noi is even better I think I've had some wicked times on a bodyboard there on the waves! 😎👌💯🏄

The Asian Mai Show says:

Amazing vlog

Medz Sagge says:

hi..a little help please..where did you stay in Siquijor..that seaview cottages and the price please..I cant find it in google..thanks!

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