Best Thai Restaurant: Mango Tree’s Dumb Waiter – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon checks out thai restaurant, Mango Tree, and is baffled by the way it is run.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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justyn france says:

fuck i hate vegetarians , hang the fuckers lol

jdw99 says:

Lol the fat cow of a woman wants a vegetarian option? She clearly eats
meat, because it’s impossible to get that overweight eating veggies alone.

ChrirTFM says:

There is always a vegetarian option. Fuck off :)

Dennis Smith says:

wow thats just fucked!!! the whole video is just fucked.
ive worked kitchens my whole just fucked

Arma Miya says:

What weird is this restaurant. Head Chef is western guy, foods cooked by
indian and thai is the waitress lol

Markus Nilsson says:

Vegetarians should not be allowed to breed with eachother. The offspring
will have no chance of a normal happy life, with delicious BEEF!

Wes2299 says:

Why the fuck would you go to a Thai restaurant expecting vegetarian food?
That’s like going to a steakhouse and expecting to have no meat dishes.

gingerkidwithglasses says:

Of course there’s a vegetarian option. You can get up and leave.

henvdemon says:

Fuck vegetarians. Think they can bitch about no vege options. Chomp on a
twig, flesh bags. Not all food cultures cater to those that shun meat.

Timothy Kessler says:

FUCKING westernized SCAM! the BEST Thai food are on the streets NOT these
high price JACKASS fucked up restaurant! white trash westerners can NEVER
cook so they use the media to scam stupid sheeple!


not real thai

Kei Romenan says:

There are no vegetarian options because humans are omnivores. If you want
vegetarian, go into a cow pen or rabbit cage where you belong

TheGenuineLad says:

fucking vegetarians piss me off something fierce when they say shit like

Pang Rat says:

That’s not real Thai restaurant . Workers are not Thai at all

NickLiang says:

What ignorance, vegetarians think they own the place, go eat a tree.

MeNoLikeyGoogle+ says:

Fuck off.

Pava Res says:

This restaurant needs more thai workers. Seriously.

Aeqos says:

Meat Chomper ? Lol Shut the fuck up and go eat a tree bitch.

shrestaz says:


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