Buddhist Monks sample Ramsay’s Pad Thai – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay serves his version of Pad Thai to the Buddhist monks in the Wimbledon Thai temple.

Season 5 of The F Word. A bold, modern and mischievous take on the world of food combines location VTs, kitchen actuality, celebrity interviews, stunts and recipe based challenges to give the format its trademark energy, pace and visual richness and create waves in the food world and beyond.

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Kanokthorn Lenutaphong says:

Normally the monk in Thailand can't give any comment about the food, there is one rule but Cordon did break it, no serious cause they have to receive every thing we give them, and I did give soft cookies to the monk and I didn't allow to ask the monk how it taste like

Pythonhier says:

For starts what bothered me was that Gordon makes his own recipie of pad thai, then when he got feedback from an actual thai chef in a thai restaurant, on if it was good, he didn't believe him? I would take the chef' opinion more seriously, Gordon is a great chef, but he isn't a great Thai chef. Then to question the bhuddist monks? C'mon Ramsay. Do you even have the faintest clue as to what culture you're in?

Graciieluv77 says:

Asking a monk if your food tastes good is like asking your boyfriend if your butt looks big in this dress. Don't be donut Gordon!

Pete says:

Can you say shit in a monastery? lol

Wendy Goh says:

Of course the monk will say it's good. It's an offering to them. And in Buddhism they
practise gratitude and humility. It's appreciating the food offered to them

Sasuke Uchiha says:

i want to become a monk so people can come and feed me

silentben1234 says:

shoes off? done.

Mike Jaso says:

like feeding the homeless

Mixed_By_FLEX says:

everyone gets criticized no biggie for gordon

Mateo says:

0:08 haha gordon got confused.

SleuthChipperson says:

This is a case where you can look at gordon ramsay and realize he is full of shit, not humble at all anymore. Not only did he break the protocol not to talk to the monks – do you think the monk (an incredibly humble person) would say that the donated food was shit? Give me a fucking break.

SleuthChipperson says:

he didnt say your pad thai was shit he said it wasnt pad thai, go figure – fuck off

krydragon says:

"maybe duh Munk lie taste"

anonomyss says:

It's humbling, you said? After you do a little dance about how your Pad Thai was accepted by the monks?

H1pNoZ says:

hahaha "for me" xD

Freckled Savage says:

What those monks weren't even real monks they where just dude that acted like they were so they could get a free place to stay and free good food everyday

cocoa banks says:

Gordon's ego and pride got in the way, where he felt it's ok to want to lean and alter their food culture, yet "break protocol" and be disrespectful to boost his own ego. Very disrespectful.

Trev Moran says:

Jesus, Ramsay seriously can't take rejection. Pun very much intended when I say the man can dish it, but he can't feckin' take it.

pryodiablo says:

The noodles may have tasted fantastic, but i'm quite sure it isn't pad Thai because the flavor profile is simply different.

BBCpuydan says:

Because Thai people always take care of an emotional with each others. Maybe It's ผัดไท in the another ways. There's lot of delicious pad thai in the different taste around Thailand. Try to taste. It's worth. Trust me XD

MohammedAO says:

Fucking hell not allowed to cook?? Do they eat in their houses fucking hell

fellow filipina says:

Ramsey looking for validation! Hahahaha

ermonski says:

Tiger Knee

Jack Luo says:

Gosh damn it. I feel so shitty being Asian. Look at these filthy monks doing absolutely nothing for life except praying for a non-existence bullsh*t then get free meals. You are also telling me their worship is against cooking. What a bunch of hell bound ball sacks. I thought buddha taught peace and harmoney with the world, not become a lazy parasite to the world. Someone get a shotgun and put these monks in the rice paddies.

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