Café In Thailand Lets You Play With A Pack Of Huskies

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True Love at Neverland is the first and only Siberian husky cafe in the world. It’s the perfect destination for dog lovers traveling to Thailand.

See more from True Love Café here:


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Publius Cornelius Scipio says:

what's the name of the song?

Amira Z says:

Cute, except that it's too hot for the dogs… they should have a cool pool there… my huskies LOVE swimming in the summer… they swim every day when we hike on hot days so they can stay cool.

True Love Cafe Canada 290 Dundas St E Toronto ON says:

I represent the True Love Cafe. The operator based in Bangkok, Thailand has been using our trade name without authorization. You must remove all wording (text, graphic or audio) of the kind.

Dark Pikachu says:

Plastic Booties

Angie Blue says:


CookieAnimation Arts says:

I need to go there desperately! 😎😍

Peter Rabbit says:

I need to visit this place and Rabbit Island Japan before I die.

Howard Johnson says:

Such happy dogs! Jealous…..

short sighteddog says:


Lime Trooper says:

Well I'm sold

Armando says:

So is the sheepdog there as some sort of middle manager for the shop owners?

Stuntmansam1 says:

Anyone know the music?

rick shockley says:

I wanna go…

the legend f mercury says:

This is fun i like the last one on the run

Walk The Plank says:

this makes me happy.

Kenny Setiawan says:


Nynch Liggers says:

Next time I go to Thailand, I'll use this video as a solid proof that I don't go there to bang ladyboys

kubel83 says:

Omg huskie heaven. I have four at home

Douglas Donoghue says:

nice video. Thanks a lot for the video. <3

Purpl3 Grape says:

I smiled so much throughout those 3 minutes without noticing. Now my cheeks are cramping up!

rosenrot234 says:

Aww. I love that the dogs look happy. They're not just made to look happy then go back to some miserable poor kept place. This cafe clearly knows what huskies need as owners.

Imelda Mina says:

I would love to visit that Huskies cafe in Bangkok😘😘😘

Rick Delgadillo says:

Why do they gave Huskies in Thailand? Are they well taken care of? In Thailand they eat also dogs, cats rats almost anything that has meat….

Samantha May says:

now I just need a German Shepherd cafe

David Lee says:

Thats awesome. Owner is a genius

Hatsu Nyaann says:

I can't hold this cuteness OwO

joseph flores says:

I want to pack one of them in a suitcase and bring it home. Heaven is real.

True Love Cafe Canada 290 Dundas St E Toronto ON says:

Hello, I represent the True Love Cafe. The operator based in Bangkok, Thailand have been using our trade name without authorization. Please remove any wording of the kind.

ivory but going hiatus says:

something's not right..

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