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Amigo Syl says:

yes it is , the school system is totally fu…. and that's our job to bring some alternatives and keep the real things of life , that's the real school

big up for your friend to bring some joy in this school and hapiness

Celia Bluue says:

I loved everything about this! I'm an Early Childhood teacher and would love to visit that school!

felineprince says:

This video was so encouraging for me! I really want to move to Seattle but have been afraid because of $ and this felt like such a great reminder to go with your dreams! I also want kids and have worried about their schooling, not wanting to put them in a traditional track and this encouraged me too that there’s options out there! Thanks for sharing the adventures with us Jackson.

Zukhra Ibrokhim says:

Araya's is my favorite restaurant.

Melissa Eaton says:

When will you be in Portland? You’re moving quick!

Emily Guirlinger says:

There are milk and dairy products in TONS of nonperishable items. I would assume Oreos are accidently vegan because the processed soy and oils used in Oreos are cheaper than actual dairy products, and not because they would go bad. Correct me if I'm wrong though :)

keeperofthegrove says:

All schools should be based on total non-violence, what most public school educators & boards don't understand is most violence is committed in our communication(judgments, demands, diagnoses, calls of duty/obligation, and emotional extortion using guilt and shame). It wasn't that long ago that we just banned corporal punishment so we're still just really slowly starting to come out of the dark ages of consciousness.

Sarah Loves Veggies says:

You've got to do a meet up!  You're in my area!

Marian Isse says:

Is Jamal wearing chance the rapper 3 hat?

Mia Vegan says:

Your friend is annoying, if he wants to vlog then he should start his own channel, sorry, I don't want to sound harsh but it bothered me a bit

Love Underwater says:

Jamal has a cool vibe like Adam, wish we got to see more of him!

Oatmeal Fitness says:

Oreos are not vegan just look for your self

Shelbey Champagne says:

Come to Olympia!

agnesrosalinde says:

It's good he wears this shirt 'wild child' because he is!

Hannah Ehlers says:

So sad I missed you when you were in my hometown 😭😭

Juice says:

Netflix helped me go vegan😁👍Fantastic recipe video, Friend. It's always a pleasure connecting with a fellow vegan YouTubers on social media.

Carbs Are Happiness says:

There are so many problems with the standard education system!! Too many intelligent kids with plenty of potential fall between the cracks. I worked at an alternative school and saw how beneficial it can be! Jamal is awesome!!

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