Pattaya Night Walk With Girls – Vlog 174 Sights and sounds from a walk up the most famous street in Pattaya from March 2017. This video was heavily delayed due to ad problems on YouTube, [More]
I found a little paradise of back alleys in Pattaya, Thailand with excellent Thai street food and many pretty girls milling about. It was an interesting experience and ate some tasty food too. The camera [More]
In this vlog I share with a story about my first Thai girlfriend I met in Thailand back in 2005. We had some great times together and I will always have a soft spot in [More]
Soi 7 and Soi 8 Pattaya, Thailand – Walk around at night. These 2 famous streets in Central Pattaya run parallel to each other, between Beach Road and Second Road. It’s a very lively area, [More]
Every day scenes around the amazing city of Pattaya that I filmed while walking around town. Included in this video is Beach Road, Soi 7/8, Walking Street and Second Road.
Pattaya, Walking Street, Insomnia, Lucifer, 808, Hot Tuna Bar, I cover the bases of this sometimes amazing, sometimes crazy, often times hilarious and always colorful town. This video will rush your adrenaline and spike your [More]
A Mega Dose for the Pattaya Adicted. The nightlife on Walking Street Pattaya is a circus every night, lots of crazy things going on, fun people and good times to be had. A great place [More]
My room review Pattaya Thailand. Kiss Food and Drink Restaurant on the Second Road and Soi Diana intersection with Thai and European food. This is a cheap popular place works 24hr a day. If [More]
Pattaya May 2017, night out from 6pm-6am. Soi Buakhao, soi 6, walking street and second road.
Welcome Sir, take a look inside!!!!!! Something different for todays video, a compilation of clips from recent trips to Pattaya. Some are from upcoming videos so think of this as a kind of trailer for [More]
Pattaya Beachroad On this beach road there is Freelance Lady day and night. They dress up to be fond of men and stay on the street.