Soi Buakhao Night Walk – Pattaya, Thailand 2018 A Walk in the popular Soi Buakhao in the Night. That Street became more popular from Year to Year. Watch in HD for better Quality. All Videos [More]
In this video you will see walk along Soi Buakhao Pattaya Thailand from Central Pattaya road to South Pattaya road at the evening time. Soi Buakhao completely, from beginning to end. If you like my [More]
I got a foot massage in Pattaya last week for a base cost of 150 baht plus I tipped 100 baht (optional) for a total of about $8. The massage lasted one hour and it [More]
Thailand is a great country with a cheap cost of living. In this video I show what some of the street food in this city costs, such as pad thai, bratwurst, and spaghetti sold by [More]
In this video you will see walk along soi Buakhao Pattaya Thailand at the night time. Girls and ladyboys waiting for customers If you like my videos and want to see much more of it [More]
A video showing the Russian women in Pattaya, I also share my thoughts on the Russian bars in Pattaya and show the Russian hotspot on Beach Road.
Notice : All prices are approximate. Prices can vary significantly depending on the reservation systems, high and low season, the number of remaining rooms, etc. Pattaya Noble Place 1 Address: 183/38 Moo10 middle of Post [More]
Please help my channel with a Donation to help me travel and take you to other areas around Thailand, Please click link to Donate ! Camera’s and equipment i use for vlogging Canon G7X [More]
The world’s biggest red light district is not in Amsterdam, nor is it in Bangkok, a much larger city, but it is in Pattaya, just 120 KM down the coast from BKK. The city has [More]
In this video you will see walk along soi Buakhao Pattaya Thailand from Central Pattaya road to South Pattaya road. Аnd you will see everything that is located in this soi and in the neighborhood [More]
Pattaya is a great place, in this video series I show two contrasting lifestyles between Sean and myself, Cheap Charlie. Both of us live here on a budget but we have very different lifestyles. Sean [More]
An informative video about the cost, terms, and conditions of condos/apartments in Phra tumnak and Jomptien outside of Pattaya, Thailand
In this video about life in Pattaya, Thailand: 0:00-1:07 Intro & different Scenes around the city. 1:07-4:03 Hanging with Alex from Argentina and David Bond 4:25-5:31 Accident in Pattaya 5:31-8:14 Breakfast and funny conversation with [More]
A Thai – Isaan style happy birthday party in soi New plaza Pattaya. This is located between 2nd road and soi buakhao. LOOKING FOR AN HOTEL IN PATTAYA OR THAILAND: I recommend this site [More]
This hotel is located on Skaw Beach Road in Pattaya, just off of Second Road and very near Central Mall. I thought it was going to be a hostel but they actually had no hostel [More]
Today I visited two hotel rooms on So Chaiyapoon. One was 200 baht per night or $6 and the other was 500 baht or $15. The first place it was full so she couldn’t so [More]