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Hyderabad to bangkok and pattaya full trip in 25,000 Rupees only Hotel i Stayed in Pattaya (P72) – Hotel i Stayed in Bangkok (A ONE) – For Best flight fares – For [More]
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1 day trip to coral island from pattaya in speed boat and a halt for adventurous paragliding plus mind blowing scenery.Enjoy !!
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#KenapaThailand ? Yes, ke Thailand perjalanan yang sangat seru. Kaya budaya, tempat wisata, alam yang indah, tempat belanja yang murah, dan orangnya ramah-ramah. Ke Thailand kamu bisa pergi bersama teman ataupun keluarga. Destinasi yang harus [More]
This week I show you my condo and my view and explain my life living here in Pattaya and give some tips for others who want to live here.
어떻게든 9월에 올려보려 하였으나.. 결국 10월..(_ _);; 영상 재미나게 보세요~♬ I tried hard to upload this video last month but.. already October now..(_ _);; Enjoy my video~♬ ♬BGMs♬ -Kevin MacLeod의 Frost Waltz은(는) Creative Commons Attribution [More]
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Touring Thailand and bringing you fun and exciting videos and food reviews from mostly around Pattaya hope you enjoy them. Ric
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Pattaya, Thailand. Amazing and dangerous travel to Koh Larn Island: Part 2. Abandoned roads, beaches full of cute girls and lovely finds… Part 1 ►Secret and banned videos ►Dating with Thai ladies and [More]
Video from hotel Part2: Previous review the beach Like and comment if you want to see full bikini beach review from this day (high quality video) Pattaya Thailand. Travel to Koh Larn [More]
Pattaya alone travel in Thailand in April 2017 Walking Street and Soi Buakhao and Beach road Soi7 and Soi8 and Soi13/1 and Soi13/2 etc traveling alone in Pattaya-night scene【2017】