While it’s hardly fair to describe the girls in Pattaya as being unique in that they are mostly Thai girls, it can be fairly said that there is a uniqueness about them that is challenging [More]
Beach Road in Pattaya Thailand has millions of tourist visit every year and the city is growing rapidly and while Pattaya is the no1 sex capital of the world there are also plenty of other [More]
A friendly voice narrated tour around Walking Street in Pattaya just south of Bangkok in Thailand which is full of international visitors and expats. A documentary style video made to be fun and informative. Become [More]
wheelchair information about Pattaya, what live is really like in Pattaya
Today I took my motorbike to Cosy Beach to get some footage of my favorite beach in Pattaya and visit The Chocolate Factory & Restaurant to get myself some home-made quality chocolate and show you [More]
It is always entertaining walking down Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand. And today is no different. Located just south of Bangkok in Thailand, Pattaya is full of international visitors and expats which I try to [More]
From morning, to midnight, you just don’t seem to have enough of this place. From corals to paragliding, the floating market and the Alcazar Show, topped with Walking Street, Pattaya is worth a visit!
Pattaya Beach Road is more clean and safe than ever as there has been made big effort cleaning up the walking street along the beach. Yesterday I walked all the way down Beach Road along [More]
Click ‘Like’ on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Thailandology More Info on the Sunview Place Hotel: Coming Soon! The Sunview Place located on Soi Buakhao in Pattaya, Thailand is a great place and a great location to [More]
Enjoy the abundant coral and underwater world, either from the glass-bottom boat or by diving in before finally returning to Pattaya. Plan for a trip to Pattaya: Pick up from hotels in Pattaya by minibus. [More]
Kingnocrown Tv : 2k16 [ 1080p ] EP.6 :: On Tour PATTAYA 2k16 : มุ่งหน้าสู่ทิศตะวันออก Artist : MonkeyKing , SpaceEcho , GoodMorning , LilChin Video By Tose , Chin Prod. by MonkeyKing บันทึกการเดินทางของเหล่าทีมศิลปินใหญ่ Kingnocrown Family [More]
Pattaya is Asia’s premier beach resort, and caters with equal appeal to families, couples, single visitors and honeymooners. Accommodation in Pattaya ranges from luxurious beachside hotels with superb facilities to simple guesthouses. Gaming and Sporting [More]
Chương trình Tour du lịch Thái Lan Giá siêu khuyến mại giá chỉ 5,5 triệu đồng khởi hành ngày 25/3/2015 .Liên hệ Hotline : 0985 945 182 để được tư vấn tốt nhất ! Mọi [More]
Ritchie Newton’s Rundreise in Pattaya mit Hotte Flink
SnowbizNow! http://www.Facebook.com/SnowbizNow In this episode of SnowbizNow, producer/host Nicholas Snow takes you to his home away from home in Pattaya, Thailand—the Sansuk Sauna and Guesthouse—an establishment exclusively for gay men. The tour will leave you [More]