#KulinerMalam #JalanJalanMalam Jalan-Jalan Malam sambil Menikmati suasana malam di Kuala Lumpur Merasakan apa saja masakan yang ada dimalaysia Banyak yang bilang sihh…..masakan Ala Thailand itu paling terlezat dan paling terlaris dimalaysia
Tonight we’re taking you on a tasty journey through Bangkok’s Chinatown on Yaowarat. Hope you come with an empty stomach because there is SO MUCH TO EAT! From various noodles to desserts, this street has [More]
This fruit buffet is very popular among tourists, local Thais and foreigners in Thailand. Various tropical fresh fruits are available year round at the Fruit Court. Depending on season, guests can enjoy many seasonal fruits [More]
You might have tried many types of Thai foods locally. But have you ever tried out a Fine Thai Cuisine before? Rama V was named after the King of Thailand and it was the one [More]
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hai guys welcome back to my channel! this Thai Food Buffet is so cheap and the food is good! my favourite is vegetarian green curry and the tum yum soup is soo refreshing, and all [More]
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The mother of all buffets at Ce Soire Thai Buffet (Pattaya, Thailand). Located somewhere on 3rd Rd as I wasn’t paying much attention as we made our way on motortaxi. My good friend Ann takes [More]
Singapore first live seafood buffet restaurant just added Live Oyster to their spread! More details: https://singaporebeauty.com/new-thai-tanic-live-oyster/
New Thai Tanic BBQ buffet reopens with the longest buffet fish tank in Singapore! More details: https://singaporebeauty.com/new-thai-tanic-bbq-buffet/
The Bangkok Fruit Buffet is so real! it is all day 9am to 9pm for 390b ($12 usd). Located on the 18th floor of the Baiyoke Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. They had all you could [More]
HANDS DOWNS! The best breakfast buffet I’ve ever eaten at. The Marriott Resort & Spa in Hua-Hin includes most of Thai foods as well as American foods at the buffet!
这一次真的不要看玩笑! 泰国Buffet Mangkorn Seafood 位于Hulu langat 吃到真的没有停,又饱到死! 肥龙很喜欢的Moo ping直接泰国进口,新鲜的海鲜 够味的satay 活生生的虾和小龙虾,最重要啤酒Free Flow 就是星期一至四一罐一罐拿(不包括公共假期) 还有很多详情真的去看video就知道了!这里不说多 记得我们要抽10个人来免费吃哦!来来来分享咯! 他们的Page:https://www.facebook.com/mangkornseafood/ 地址:Lot100-A, Jalan Sungai Sop, Pekan Batu 14, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor 电话:03-90217215 03-90217216 @WhelanChoy Official @Edwinkong