Thai Dessert – Thai Banana in Sticky Rice (Kao Tom Mud) Bananas in sticky is a bunch of folk wisdom that can be an excellent resource. Thailand grown a lot of bananas and we can [More]
typical thai dessert Kanum Sod Sai (also known as kanum sai) is a traditional Thai dessert made from coconut, rice powder, steamed in banana leaf. You can find more information and a recipe on our website. (click [More]
Thai Coconut Pancake (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Ba Bin ขนมบ้าบิ่น This Thai style pancake is always found in Thai street food. It is used glutinous rice flour or sticky rice flour mixed with ripe coconut [More]
Thai Iced Dessert | Thai Dessert | รวมมิตรน้ำกะทิ 3-5 serve Ingredients1 1. Tapioca flour 1/2 cup. 2. Rice flour 2 1/2 tbsp. 3. Pandan juice 1/3 cup. Ingredients2 1. Tapioca flour 1/2 cup. 2. Rice [More]
วุ้นกะทิใบเตย Thai Dessert – Pandan & Coconut Milk Jelly Cake วิธีการทําวุ้นเมนูขนมหวาน ของว่างอร่อยง่ายๆ วุ้นใสในแบบวุ้นแฟนซี Pudding Recipe วุ้นกะทิ และวุ้นใบเตย ขนมหวานทานอร่อย เมนูวุ้นที่ทำแบบเค้กวุ้น ด้วยพิมพ์ขนมรูปดอกไม้ ทำง่าย หวานมันกลมกล่อม ทานแช่เย็น ยิ่งอร่อยชื่นใจค่ะ สูตรในการทำวุ้นกะทิใบเตย ตามลิ้งก์เลยจ้า.. ====================================== ♥♥♥ “ครัวเล็ก ๆ ที่บ้าน ทำทานง่าย ๆ By…ส้มโอ” [More]
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FRIED BANANAS IN THAILAND, THAI STREET FOOD, THAI DESSERT, ASIAN STREET FOOD, Mix together the flour, sugar, egg, milk and salt to make a smooth, paste-like batter. Peel the bananas and slice each one in [More]
Thai Spong Cake (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Sa Lee ขนมสาลี่ Kanom Sa Lee is one of Thai traditional dessert that always be used in auspicious ceremony. The main ingredients are flour, sugar and eggs. It [More]
Thai Steamed Coconut Pudding | Thai Dessert | Khanom Thuai | YUMMY ❤ FULL RECIPE: Please Like & Subscribe & Share for more fun videos !!! More AOMYWORLD Tube videos: Instagram Aomy : [More]
Thai Steamed Wonton | Thai Dessert | Khao Greab Pak Mor | ข้าวเกรียบปากหม้อ 3-5 serve 1. Rice flour 1 cup. 2. Tapioca flour 2 tbsp. 3. Arrowroot flour 1 tbsp. 4. Water 2 ¼ cup. [More]
Thai Dessert Fried Sugar and Egg My name is Nang and I present Thai street food and sightseeing all over Thailand and many of the food markets around Bangkok and outlying cities, including many tourist [More]
Thai Red Ruby in Fresh Coconut Milk (Tub Tim Grob) If you love Thai desserts like Mango Sticky Rice, you will probably love this refreshing and and vibrantly coloured dessert with its ruby-hued crunchy water [More]
পাকা আম আর বিন্নি চাল দিয়ে তৈরী খুবই মজার মিষ্টি – থাই ম্যাংগো স্টিকি রাইস | Thai Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Sauce Recipe in Bangla| How to Make Thai Sticky Rice with Mango Ingredients: [More]