Another auspicious Thai dessert Khanom Tom is an old traditional sweet that is made of boiled rice flour dumplings stuffed with shredded coconut melted with palm sugar and coconut milk and rolled in more shredded [More]
Thai Desserts Cooked in a Wok – Wok Crepe Thai Street Food My name is Nang and I present Thai street food and sightseeing all over Thailand and many of the food markets around Bangkok [More]
Steamed Tapioca Dumplings with Pork | Thai Dessert | Saku Sai Moo | สาคูไส้หมู 3-4 serve 1. Tapioca pearls 2 cup. 2. Ground pork 150 g. 3. Palm sugar ½ cup. 4. Shallot 2 tbsp. [More]
Thailand Foundation with ThaiBeverage Plc, Chang, and ONE BANGKOK present Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango – 40 Thai Street Food Recipes as Recommended by CNN
Steamed sticky rice with banana filling wrapped in banana leaves is the ASEAN food. You can find this dessert in the traditional markets in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines,. This menu will be different taste [More]
“In Thai, the word “Khanom” (Thai: ขนม) means dessert and “Chan” (Thai: ชั้น) means layer” Warattaya Smith of @loveslittlekitchen puts together khanom chan, an ancient Thai dessert that is fragrant, subtly sweet and a smooth [More]
Thai Dessert – Fried Puff with Pork Filling (Pan Sib Tod) is a Thai delicious appetizer for a long time ago. With full flavor of filling and crispy puff which is the unique of ‘Pan [More]
Thai Dessert and Meal Recipes
Thai Dessert – Sweet Stuffed Dough Pyramid (Kanom Tian Sai Wan) Sweet Stuffed Dough PyramidYou shouldn’t miss delicious sweet and mellow taste of this Thai dessert at all.
Thai Dessert – Thai Banana in Sticky Rice (Kao Tom Mud) Bananas in sticky is a bunch of folk wisdom that can be an excellent resource. Thailand grown a lot of bananas and we can [More]