No trip to southern Thailand is complete without a trip out to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. Made famous as the location used for filming in the 2008 movie “The Beach”, the islands hold a [More]
Js a quick look a where we are staying and what to expect for under £200 a month n phuket thailand, u can get places for abt half the price but they will not come [More]
We headed back to Thailand where I got a complimentary stay at Hotel IKON Phuket. I met a new friend Mona who is a local and shared all the best spots aka NOT touristy and [More]
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Where to stay in Patong beach?When it comes to Thailand, Phuket is travellers’ top pick. In fact, it has become so popular that hotels and resorts get fully booked very often, especially during the peak [More]
This is my first Vlog. I am arriving at Phuket, Thailand. Checking in at a beautiful resort, dining at an awesome beach restaurant, and checking out the nightlife of Patong. The main party area of [More]
Hotel IKON – is the place that I stayed in Phuket. We spent 3 nights there, the service were incredibly efficient and catered to our every need, nothing was too much trouble. Great breakfast buffet [More]
Places to Travel – Phuket (Thailand) – Best Places to Travel In The World Phuket is known as one of the popular tourist spot in Thailand. It’s famous for their cheap accommodation, offshore islands, clear [More]
$1 and 40 minute bus ride to any beach on the island, Aircon, close to shopping malls + cinema’s. If you’re staying long term in Phuket you might wanna save some money and stay away [More]
In this Video We Take a Flight from Udon Thani to Phuket Island in Thailand. We stay One Night in Kamala Beach then We head Towards Patong Beach. Along the way We’ll Show you a [More]
My first solo travel :D #yolo