Complete Guide to Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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No trip to southern Thailand is complete without a trip out to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. Made famous as the location used for filming in the 2008 movie “The Beach”, the islands hold a certain charm, with no roads or cars and a laid back, care free backpacker lifestyle. Our complete review will tell you how to get there, what to eat, where to stay and what to do. With some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving around and a rowdy night life that is hard to beat, we give you all you need to know to enjoy an amazing weekend in paradise.

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OnTheDelo says:

I recently went to Phuket & Phi Phi I watched this video before I went and also posted a video on my channel just a few days ago, such a great experience

Lowkey NYC says:

Checkout my phi phi islands video. Monkey beach, snorkeling and bar fights 🙌🏿

TravelJunkie says:

Looks stunning

Two Traveling Texans says:

That water is definitely amazing, but not sure about all the fire stuff. Looks like it could be dangerous.

Soniboy84 says:

"You feel like you're on a postcard" LOL!

Phatstuff Vlogs says:

told me fuck all about the islands lol

Jamie's Ecstasy says:

Hey I love ur video, can you tell me how I reach maya bay from phuket?

Funko Kings says:

Thanks for the awesome vid! I'll be there with my buddies in May! Can't wait!

Jamil Ameen says:

how much for the snorkeling in phi phi? what will i tell the long tail boat guy if i wanna go to long beach?

Diana Sosa says:

Great video! Definitely helped me make some final decisions about my trip. :) If you stay in Long Beach and head to Tonsai for the nightlife, are there ferries that can take you back at night?

Carles Escofet says:

Nice video guys! My gf and me already bougth the air tickets to Thai for next July. But after watching your video….I wanna go NOW!!!!!.

VelvetGal5 says:

Nice video! :-) I born & raised in the U.S. and live in the U.S., but most of my relatives live in Thailand. I've visited Thailand many times in my life, but I never had the chance to visit the Phi Phi Islands. My parents just returned tonight from a two week trip to Thailand. My Mom said that the temperature in Thailand during their two week trip was around 90 degrees. When she came back to the Midwest, she was asking my sister and me, "What? The snow didn't melt yet?". When my parents left for Thailand, it was snowing in the Midwest. When they came back, she couldn't believe there was snow on the ground. So, it was good timing on my parents' part to leave for Thailand when the snowing was at is worst in the Midwest.

Great weather in Thailand now. My Mom also gave me a Thai travel book that my cousin recently had published. This is my cousin's second published guide book on Thailand. I'm looking through her book right now. My cousin remembered that I asked that she send me a book when it came out. So, she gave her new book to my Mom to give to me. My sister looked through the book, and said it's good. I'm proud of my cousin for writing two published books about Thailand. My only surviving grandparent lives in Thailand. So, I do miss seeing many of my relatives in Thailand. Thailand is such a beautiful country. Even my parents, who are born & raised in Thailand, haven't explored all of Thailand yet. So, you're lucky that you had the opportunity to visit the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand. Thanks for sharing! :-) I wish you many more years of memorable, safe, and happy travels! Have a nice weekend, and a good 2015! :-) 

Ronzz LV says:

song at the end ?

julingy says:

quick tip for tourists!:
when your drunk and too busy to find a garbage for your beer, instead of throwing it into that bush your thinking about; just slit your own throat. the world doesn't need you and you dont deserve to be on this island! :)

Pause The Moment says:

Cool video guys! Just catching up on some of your more recent videos. Nice work.

The Starks says:

Great info i this video. I took you my gf last week without a reservation to a hotel. Found a beautiful hotel room. 800 baht a night over looking both bays. AC and great WIFI. a bunch of steps to climb but worth it. Everything you shown and talked about it pretty true. Even the police on the island are relax and pretty cool. 

BornToBunk says:

We really liked your video!!

Maciek Kochański says:

Where did you get 100B/person for long-tail boat? I was there at the end of the August 2014 and from travel agencies located all over the island I've got price 1500-2000B for 3hr renting a boat, and from boat driver on the beach (asked few of them) I negotiated price from 1500B to 1100B for 3hr (2 person, Me and my gf)

Musaab Khafaji says:

Great video! How's Phi Phi like in the last week of the year?

Musaab Khafaji says:

Great video! How's Phi Phi like in the last week of the year?

watchara phunsa says:

this's great video,thank you so much from thailand

Gigi Isabel says:

Love this video! The Phi Phi Islands are so much fun!

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