Confused Asian Restaurant Prank – Ownage Pranks

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Eeya786 says:

Kok for 50 cent, DEAD 😂

Eeya786 says:

Fully dead Looooool!

HellZ ChannelZ says:

yes หรือ no loooooool

despairanabelladracul says:

she's too happy my gosh hahahaha.
we should all order some
nee groh noodle
poo poo platta
and tampon tea
I mean she clearly gets what we want right? hahahah

Phoenix Bleu says:

no no no, its derrishous

azim says:

you should call asian escort as Bak lau.. would be funnny +ownangepranks

yaser alrhely says:

hoh hoh hoh :D

Islam Gave me a reason to Live says:

i think i know her voice…i know her she's korean and shes have speacial channel for cook

IKH TV says:

R.I.P words

iEnzoOG says:

Cream of some young guy xD I am dying of laughter lol

Aenima says:

Hope the don't serve the "Cream of Sum Yung Gai" on the kids menu…

Ady B says:

Quite funny for the first two minutes, but then it becomes so dull it's unbelievable. Comedy should be quick and funny, not long and ultimately boring.

KornFloyd95 says:

"da food not one den you can came back???""The pa-pai, with chicki?""The soDAAAAH!??"This lady is so fuckin funny

aklearning says:

how do you do the voices

Jude McDaniel says:

I love how you can prank call any asian restaurant and just speak gibberish and throw in the occasional "SOMBOODIE" and you can hold a conversation with these people lmao

C. Dino says:

God she is patient.

JonP227GT says:

I probably shouldn't be watching this in the school library lol This shit is hilarious

Roostar 7 says:

please animate this! XD

Arafat Mohammed says:

That is some great talent!! <3

AGbaby235 says:

"Sum Yum Gai" um sum ting wong with-a-you my frieeennnndddd!

Dallen says:

Chikin Pawk Bip?

Feysal Shukri says:

burh she don't understand anything

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