Dash Berlin – Live at Ultra Music Festival Tokyo, Japan Mainstage 2015 (Full Set)

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Tracklist and Photos: http://dashberlinworld.com/profiles/blogs/dash-berlin-mix-live-at-ultra-music-festival-tokyo-japan

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Adeilde Oliveira says:

eletrônica amor maior <3

Kevin Leal says:

lkist buenocao

glidver lozano ponce says:

Perú !!! siempre presente donde hay música electrónica hay estamos :)

SEPTRE20038 says:

7851851651656165 :?

sujinda horrasit says:


Cassy Loulou says:

they touched the dj panel thing for a total of 1 minute…. like… what?

kiparuk dmitry says:

но пол ван дайк рулит

kiparuk dmitry says:

даш я твой поклонник у нас в городе в 2008 тойота кэмри 1а была я на ней гонял и твои вещи крутил

kiparuk dmitry says:

такой движ один раз увидеть и умереть не страшно

Otávio Augusto says:

QUALIDADE! Excelente o set… Escolheu bem a sequência! Awesome DJ…

Heidar Maharizki says:

ngapain tuh syarini ngongol????

antoni don says:

show de tecnologia musical. bom d+

Rose mckmcl says:

bannock bums!!

deni setiawan says:

itu ngapaain syahriniiii anjirrrrrrrrrrrr

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