EGG 5 Different Varieties Cooking in My Village | Gravy, Rice, Bonda, Omelet,Off Boil | VILLAGE FOOD

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Cooking EGG Gravy, Rice, Bonda, Omelet,Off Boil , VILLAGE FOOD


Very LoveCupcake says:

yummy ! I want prove all this recipe 😋

thahira banu says:

first learn how to chopp onion
and then make cook.
not at all proper.

i TASTE says:

Boss.. you can add a bg music, it would look pleasant. which part of TN are you frm ?

Babu G says:

There are some other food blog. Seems everybody doing the same and copy one by one. Youtube paying they are enjoying and wasting. Please unsubscribe and stop watch…they will stop this…..:-)

S Ravi Kumar says:

Neenga manushan jenmam ma illa miruga jenmam ma? Oru veylaiku evalo eggs thinuvingala? My god

Mama Bear Cherokee Miller says:


Merve Aral says:

Your wife doesn't seem happy. I hope everything is okay.

ani sah says:

heeemm nice

Swati Dey says:

looking very messy not at all like ur other videos :-(

Sankari Ramjai says:

common preparation s done by everybody nothing new

Claudiu Botezatu says:

Why does she crack the egg near the top? Is it to prevent spilling the content? Or is it something else?

Sasidevi Vanga says:

andariki use ayye videos cheyandi

Lochani Lavanya says:

family a ore nal la ivalo egg sapta avalo than gud family

Lochani Lavanya says:

usual one

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