(ENG SUB) Behind Bambam & Yugyeom Thai Restaurant TOP 3

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credit อิสานฟู๊ด ส.ภาวิณีร์


KimV Rin says:

I realized that restaurants have Indian restaurants type of feels to it. I realized that with the last Thai restaurant I went to

Mrprincebreath says:

Thank you ❤️

Zephyra Evelynn says:

Ya know its times like this where i wish i was older and more financially stable because i would love to go to Thailand. Im going to Korea in 2 years but i have to learn the language first and i want to learn Thai as well just cause it almost rivals the delicious taste of other asian languages i am learning right now 😥 Being broke is hard :D

Tin Can says:

lol, Yugyeom can't eat a lot of things XD
and that's why he likes fried rice? I can't with this kid
There interaction is so cute, it's interesting to see what goes behind filming though

Min doesn't give an f Yoongi says:

Props to them for working so well in such a quiet (and a little awkward) environment. It must have been hard filming in such an empty and silent place with a bunch of cameras pointed on you.

TitmangaGeek971 says:

It's my birthday and I'm hungry !!

Brennan P says:

Thank you~ you are amazing

Denise Camarsi says:

i want to try those places ahhhhh i love thai food so much it makes me so happy bambam is happy eating thai food <3

KimV Rin says:

I want Pad Thai now. It's freaking amazing.

KimV Rin says:

Were they being stalked?

Joanna says:

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to sub even something like this :) I really enjoy your videos

Kaylyn Wunsche says:

This is honestly adorable

Sihui Lee says:

can the raw for the other parts be found anywhr?

windbluete says:

thanks, danke 💖💖💖💖

markgot7 saranghae! says:

owhh bambam..you must be missing ur country so much..

yugyeom..thank you for trying those food…it'll be a good experience at least..

namasaya jaja says:

it's amazing how this scene looks so lively on screen ^^

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