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Today the kids and I explore a little of Patong Beach while in Phuket, Thailand.

Hi, welcome to the TravelKatzFamily youtube channel! We are a family of 4 which consists of a mom and 3 kids who have decided to leave our home country in the USA to travel the world – starting out in Chiang Mai, Thailand! We sold our family car, put everything in storage, and boarded our plane December 1, 2015 and arrived in Chiang, Mai, Thailand on December 3, 2015. Join us on our fun, crazy, and average every day lives as we journey around the world! (Family friendly vlogs)

Rachael (Mom)
Alex – age 20
Richie – age 12
Ethan – age 8

Check out our old youtube channel RachaelMomOf3 to see videos from 2008 to present. It has videos of the beginning of our journey and our arrival in Thailand. We decided to start a new channel as we feel like we are starting a new chapter. This will be our family channel from here on out. Please check out our old channel RachaelMomOf3 and subscribe to our new Channel TravelKatzFamily! :)


Emma Keegan says:

Haha DooDee

TheHouseof5 says:

Destin Beach in Florida is my favorite beach. I shake my head every time I see the electric wiring there in Thailand. I wonder how they make heads or tails of that jumbled mess. But I am sure there is a method to that madness. LOL

henry lohman says:

My wife and I live in Hua Hin and she is always asking me to check and see if you have post a new video, so thought I would let you know she enjoys your volgs. Be safe.

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