[Flight Report] THAI | Paine Field Everett ✈ Bangkok | Boeing 787-9 | Business

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TG8913 – 10/2017
Delivery/Ferry Flight of Thai Airways second Boeing 787-9
Text Report: https://flight-report.com/en/report/28989/Thai-Airways-TG8913-Everett-PAE-Bangkok-BKK


Jake Green says:

How do you get to go on so many airbus and Boeing delivery flights?? Does it have something to do with SkyTeam??

G Todd says:

That buffet spread looks delicious.,,, and dont forget that beautiful interior. Thumbs up Thai

Wanna Muaiphothong says:


Matthew Smith. says:

Fantastic video I’m flying from Bangkok to Auckland in business class in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

Félix Maltchinski says:

Thai Airways a le 10e meilleur système de divertissement au monde.

Setsuna says:

No wing wave after take off? :(

Dj Quik says:

Toujours des surprises et toujours un enchantement et un ravissement de voir vos vidéo. Merci de nous faire voyager, merci

Bernd Klüver says:

Well. Here is the hard truth about future plans of Thai. They will order more A 350's to replace the old 777's and 20 new A 330's neo for their current A 330's. Than about 15 A 350-1000 from 2023 on. But hey the 787-9 is a nice airplane anyway….

TheJet Jock says:

I’m assuming you work for AerCap to get on these delivery flights? Great videos, keep them coming.


Finally 1x2x1 layout!!

Where did you purse this ticket?

Noah Bowie says:

Thai is my favourite airline. It's fantastic to see them get new fuel efficient planes equipped with a top notch business and economy cabin. Can't wait to fly this plane

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