Foot Massage Therapy Pattaya Thailand $6/Hour — Friendly Lady

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I got a foot massage in Pattaya the other day for $6. It was a very enjoyable massage therapy and the lady was very kind and friendly.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

Marcanton01 says:

Well, all your (foot) massage videos are pretty good. Not only because you are speaking with the women and then there's an "lovely" kind of interacting, full of respect.

Mr Clean says:

Great massage done with love. Would love to have this done!

Stivi Stiv says:

Subtitle it

Enzo Grubissa says:

Sembra un fast food ( it seems a fast food )

David Massiah says:

damn…hahahaha I just watch a video you posted on the December 12th and this video and you have the same short pants on…just my observation

BikerDude1953 says:

Do you get to choose who you have massage your feet?

kauhanen99 says:

nice video charlie, liked 🙋👍👍👍

sean boulter says:

can you review "aa massage" not far from central festival?

steve ken says:

I cringe every time you talk to these people in broken english

Ron Floyd says:

I've got to have one of these when I'm there in May! Thanks.

Marcanton01 says:

I know all the different kinds of massage, but I didn't know that there's also a foot massage therapy. Thanks for showing.

Iamthenakedape says:

I recognized those white sneakers. Oh and yes CCC 90% of the ladies happen to come from Issan 555

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