Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: What Does $11 Get You in a Thai Market?

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As an expat living in Thailand since 1996, Scott Mallon has worked as a photojournalist for the past twelve years, been inside both Bang Kwang and Klong Prem Prisons (as a journalist), lost months at a time partying the days and nights away, been hospitalized several times, been near death once, fought in Muay Thai, managed a world-rated championship boxer, trained professional boxers, been thrown in jail, and fathered two children. Somehow, through it all, he’s managed to remain married to the same Thai woman.

You’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly from someone who has lived here – really lived. No touristy fluff, no backpacker BS, no delusions of grandeur, only the truth as An American in Bangkok sees it.


Ken Anderson says:

Oh I miss avocados. Here in Phuket I have only seen the imported ones and they are too expensive for me to buy. I am glad to hear that they are being grown here in Thailand. Are they just as good?

Tony Grant TV says:

Good to see some really delicious looking & healthy foods creeping their way into the diet already +Scott Mallon.

Metal Guru says:

Good stuff

Jason Wilson says:

I belive you have a lovely Thai wife, just eat what the Thais where eating 100 yrs ago even 50 ( yes it's before KFC, or the delivered delicious Pizza with all the toppings) it's harder for you because off you're kids, how can't you not along eating with them what they're having. As for exercise has to be a pool keeping the weight off your hips, yea I know it's boorish just make it some fun like music or something. If I may as how was your father at the same age as you're now.?
My poison is anything with sugars after any meals craving for cake or ice cream of course my favorite CHOCOLATE. . sugar is the most addictive substance on Earth. I'm sure you want to see your grandchildren one day not in a wheelchair. Same here. 🙏

Mike H. says:

Kale!.makes a great smoothie with berries…add water or a little juice.

SirLobsterman says:

what's the average price on roasted pistachios?

Ryan Darcy says:

That's great mate but just a word of warning…. Mr Cashew Nuts are extremely high in fat… Almost 50% fat but…. It's unsaturated fats so don't eat too many at one sitting, make sure you spread that whole pack out over a week and not in one sitting. Good luck because I'm all in with you and all the way to the target!! 

Q8 Fly says:

Being healthy, good going. i need to watch what i eat as well. I had fast food today as i was in a hurry! We might visit phuket end of this month as its been over a year since i've been to Phuket. We went to pattaya in September, but i didnt really enjoy it, but i was surprised that the weather there was cool & not as humid as Phuket.

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