Getting Sexually Harassed In Patong Beach Phuket | Travel Diary #Thailand

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Woops, a little off schedule :)
I moved from phuket town to patong beach to get some different atmosphere…i didnt know what was waiting for me…
some crazy shit goes down in patong beach…
here Milos’s channel :)


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Sinbad950 says:

WTF, all you do is complain about everything and who the fuck were/wants to sexually harassing you ugly ass, look at your damn teeth.

TerryThai says:

Dumbass, ignorant backpacker! A prime example of why I hate backpackers!!

dazbuster says:

goes to a buddist coutnry in a g string bikini…..then complains hahaha

ShutingFromTheSky says:

I wish  met   
Henya  in Phuket. I would have taken her to a resort ko lepe island and fuck the shit out of her

larissa hanani says:

Ing J Guarguati says:

Really good video for being recorded by yourself, btw missing Paton beach 😰

Moses P says:

They do it because it works for them… Nice guys like me are respectful and don't get laid…

Johnny Veritas says:

Stairway to Heaven baby! :D

tracey cross says:

"There were a lot of Thai people who annoyed you" they live there. 

Hasslord says:

wow, i watched the whole video and have to say: you´re so anyoing

Martyna Ⓥ says:

I went there in February. I'm not a party monster so it wasn't really a place for me. Nice landscape, though.

Richard Hurtz says:

I miss Thailand =/

edwinodus says:

What did you do with the bananas?

Steve Phillips says:

You most likely have tummy bug PS Nice girl

johnny nielsen says:

who whould sexualy harrash your pale white ass. when patong has all the sweet thai ass it need. i wouldent touch you even if get paid

arsompa says:

who would want to fucking touch you? let alone looking at you!

Mantras and Mangos says:

how fucked is the main strip in patong? so many lady boys harassed my dad and kept thinking he was my husband haha we went to some exotic dance show, man, i think i'm scarred for life 

Monique Silva says:

Next time you go somewhere like that (or anywheres especially at night thats when most of the creeps come out) bring pepper spray so you can blind the fucker & also have time to kick them in the balls : ) +Henya Mania 

CarbedUpVegan says:

I'm the same, its gross for someone I don't know to touch me, hate public transport for that reason!

Mick Bangkok says:

At 5.00 it looks like Milus is checking your ass out.

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