Graceland Resort & SPA Phuket Thailand **** June 2014

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Description…A walk around Graceland Resort & SPA Phuket over 600 rooms very family friendly and safe for children as well; I will recommend this hotel with a 4 star rating ****


Andrew Tosic says:

thankyou mate

Andrew Tosic says:

thanks wayne great video going to gracesland june 1016 cant wait i hope i like it thanks again

WatChinema says:

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Charlie Challita says:

thanks for the video , looks good

Courtney Jaros says:

Thanks for the Video!! I'm staying there on my trip to Thailand and was wondering what the whole resort looked like from a guest's point of view!! :)

Jaqueline H says:

Great Video, planning a trip in June 2015.

Kp Singh says:

beautiful place . loved staying

massaaaaaaaa says:

Cheers for the Vid! You're right haven't been able to find much footage of graceland on youtube, so thanks !

Ashleigh White says:

Cheers for the video ..looking forward to our trip there at the end of the year

David D'Elia says:

Top Effort Wayno….   Loved it

Mimis Quest says:

Great Video Wayne, thanks!

Art Tsonis says:

Excellent video, im about to book for late August 2014..


Great Video!!!!

Macca J26 says:

Finally an English speaking Aussie that made a great video

JoshAU says:

Great video Wayne, hope you had a good time!

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