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A walk through Pattaya City.

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Yiannis62 says:

Anybody remembers the video about Pattaya that used the Gun and Roses’
Paradise City soundtrack? That was great and would like to find it again.

lou00006 says:

I remember I went there awhile back
I was about 16-17 so it was last year or 2 years before
And it was the new year and they had rides, attractions and those carnival
dunking machines (The ones where you throw a ball at the target to dunk
people into water)
And basically people were dunking strippers into water. I also saw some
tourists taking photos with a ladyboy. Fun times

Anderson Silva says:

Paradise is in the holders eye
Nowadays it bores me silly, same shit every day
The hookers are getting drilled everyday, skanks who are very money hungry

Barry Rayson says:

I care you too must bebe,that’s what them Thai whores say apparently, I
wouldn’t know of course.

Andrew Perry says:

Lots of sad cunts posting below ,hating on Thailand . They are just jealous
that they can’t afford to go there……..or they have been and want to go
back but have such sad ,mundane lives in the west that they cannot afford

Roger David says:

Why do they show people praying? The hypocrisy

Alan Henning says:


m109rocket says:

Thailand has nothing new to offer it’s all the SAME SAME SAME old shit
………………………sluts and more sluts.

John B says:

looks like Tijuana, Mexico


play dense all you want

mrtoejamandearl says:

not that many!

indiandaeng says:

I have been in Thailand over 20 years now and Pattaya is the only place I
do not go. Lots of crime against tourists, guns, Russian gangsters (and
Thai) and the police are worse. It is the cheapest place to go in Thailand
and so it attracts the worst the world has to offer.

knightd00b says:

Are the go go dancers and greeters hookers as well? Or do they just dance
and greet? Just curious..

pocharcco949 says:

@Ahmed Noori

Patrick Pong says:

I don’t pay for Fucking either my friend. What else can you do here? Have a
business and a work permit and work everyday. That’s what you would do here.

DIRTDIVER882 says:

This is bullshit, where the fuck r all the lady boys at.

Loaderaprilgmail.com 190440 says:


gotzigzags says:

only 2 kinds of jerk-off would make a negative comment here….western
women and guys that go to church…both will be using a dildo tonight!

Greatty1 says:

I wanna add something more, is it not usually that people like to watch
this kind of videos? think about yourself that how much people prefer to
watch Thailand with a beautiful temple more than this kind.

ssjcomix says:

Position 5:37, STD CITY.

Pauljh7 says:

Wtf is this bullshit bah

leo patrk patrk says:

thailand is for only for dirty people who desperate for pussies. Fuck

Didier Martine says:

a qui profite ce mercantilisme d’un autre Age??

lavender lily says:

Condoms are certainly booming industry in Thailand. Though the monk never
wear it.

Eduardo Tzuke says:

What’s the song at 6:19 / Cual es la cancion del 6:19?

808yardie says:

Hi Sean, yes their is. In the Gulags the women political prisoners use sex
to improve their lot in the camps with the guards but they have to be
careful not to fall pregnant because sex among inmates is strictly
forbidden & death is served immediately to any woman who presents pregnant.

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