Honey Soy Glazed Ribs with Colin – Hot Thai Kitchen!

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For this episode I’m in the kitchen with a Thai cooking virgin! My friend Colin Knecht is a fellow YouTuber and a talented woodworker who made me a beautiful wooden mortar and pestle that I’d always wanted. In exchange, I invited him over for a private Thai cooking lesson so I can get him started cooking Thai! He asked me to teach him a recipe for ribs (because apparently woodworkers love ribs) and he would like to learn how to cook them so that they are *tender* and juicy. I came up with this recipe, and I have to say that I even surprised myself how good they were! Best of all, you don’t even need to use the oven for these. So here’s a yummy rib recipe that is literally finger-licking good, and also a little 101 on how to cook ribs :) Enjoy!

Check out this video where Colin taught me how to make the mortar and pestle! https://youtu.be/NReB0wd0DNA

Colin’s YouTube Channel on Woodworking: https://www.youtube.com/knecht105

For full written recipe: http://hot-thai-kitchen.com

My cookbook: http://amzn.com/0449017052

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salma salma says:

awesome resipe

Mo Poppins says:

What a great cross-promo! There's probably quite a bit of crossover interests amongst people who like to work with their hands.

SnickSnacks says:

I screamed like I was the one who dropped the mortar and pestle thingy lol


that was wonderful. Maybe you should have let him use the drill wisk!

Holly Helton says:

i love woodworking and i love cooking. I watched you and colin make your mortar and pestle and thought i would check out your channel. Those ribs look great i am going to try this recipe

Jeff Ward says:

Hot recipe, as always

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

Great collab Colin and Pai!! I can't wait for Colin to make these ribs for us the next time we're over at his house (hint, hint) +woodworkweb

glenn valkenburg says:

Hi Pailin, I've been a subscriber to Colin for a while. You are absolutely a ray of sunshine in Colin's shop and now I am a subscriber of yours. I enjoyed both vids. Woodworking and cooking… now you made me starvin'.

Amin Ori says:

Aroi maak maak. I'm already following Colin. I like his work

Z LEE says:

i'm going to make honey soy glazed chicken wings instead of ribs. hope it will turn out as tasty as this!

Jason Hutchins says:

I'm cooking this tomorrow!

John Pleier says:

They look delish. 2 questions, did you remove the silver skin from the ribs before cutting them up, and did you add corn starch slurry to the sauce, or just thicken it by reduction.

Jose Siojo says:

Welcome new subscribers to Hot Thai Kitchen! I love this channel!

Nicole Romero says:

Pailin, you're so kind. And TALENTED! I love the way these ribs look. The mortar and pestle he made you is lovely

RecordCollector101 says:

Those look so good!

GizmoBee1702 says:


Julia Lupercio says:

wow so yummy

lottsm says:

Here from Colin's channel; new subscriber to you. Gee, I'm having a granola bar for dinner; I think that your channel will be a sort of torture for me. Oh my.

Adam Sharpe says:

Scrumptious. Great vid Pailin

Angie Montalvo says:

Would you please consider making ruam mit? My mom made when I was young and I canNot find a good recipe! I love your channel!

Spoon Fork Heart says:

Yummy, your rib recipe looks delicious. And the video with Colin over at his channel was great too.

Patrick's Work Shop says:

Im so hungry now.

Andrew Nguyen says:

Had no idea you were Canadian!

Kimberly Cooper says:

Looks extremely delicious, can the ribs be cooked in a pressure cooker to speed up the process?

Melissa Gardner says:

Watched the mortar & pestle video–how awesome :)

Endrikh Darkvine CXVI says:

seven cloves of garlic, now ur talking :p

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