Hot Thailand Pattaya City Tour

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This slideshow covers the locations in and around Pattaya beach. The december weather is good, devoid of any humidity-nice and cool. Lazing around the beach pathway is truely relaxing. The sea is a bit rough though. Soi 6,7 & 8 are the places to find hotel to stay. Koi Larn Beach didn’t excite me- 600 bhat for an hour of bike was bit steep as well. There are plenty of other places to visit as well.

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keithlamontbraggs says:

Pattaya is cool place to me and i will be back ,but the peacful sounds
effects in this video clip can be misleading. Pattaya is NOT a quiet
peaceful place ,there are lots of wild tourist and lots of drinking at the
vast amount of bars scattered throughout the city.

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