How to eat SPICY Papaya salade Thai style …

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Hi guy this video i would like to show u the best way to eat Spicy papaya salade Thai style.
In thailand people love to eat spicy so Brace urself if you plan to visit or eat thai foods.
most people like to eat papaya salade with chicken wing and rice. its make more testy.
hope you guys enjoy watching this video.

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c.i lee says:

Lol I drools!

Melvin Saldo Olivar says:


Nina Nino says:

Aduhh ngomong opo kui….uheeuuumm took…iki nek coro ne aku jenenge …asinan.

Sumy Rohman says:

No good..

0916919284 Amy says:

Yg q paham cuma
Ehemmm hemmm hhh

mee lango says:

Pretty much all veggie goes well with Papaya salad

johnalee Tasarra says:

there you go again

Norazlin Mohd Razali says:

sedappp nyaaa

Faris Zainudin says:

Rambut pendek hensem

Bis Dak says:

Whats his fb name?

Undas Pos7 Arippe says:

kampret ehemmmmmm hemmmm ahemmmm hemmmm hem ehem ehemm ehemmmm hemmmmmm dasar rakus

scinece ohm gamer tv says:

Thai people called.(ส้มตำ) i'm thai

Corn dog squad says:

Kone lao life

As One says:


Xou Le says:

Could someone list what all of the veggies are? What kind of bamboo is he eating? There's a lot of variations at the Asian store so I want to make sure it goes well with the papaya salad. Thanks!

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