How to Make Thai Spicy Sauce! [Secret Restaurant Recipe]

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Here’s how to make Thai spicy sauce. Ever wonder why Thai food always tasted so good? I actually have Thai friends who works/owns an authentic Thai restaurant who taught me the “secret restaurant recipe”!


Solstyce Shala says:

Your cameraman needs to stop zooming in. Otherwise would have been a good
video. Thank you for the recipe

Kevin Vue says:

Please get a tripod. 

thinkagainst says:

no soy sauce or corriander?

Agathe Poisson says:
Keith R says:

Your missing 2 things. Not surprising since most would always leave out a
step or 2. But Im sure it tastes good still. You look Korean, where the BBQ
at? To me Thai’s and Korean’s make the best cooked Asian food.

cutelittleangel98 says:

@zedomax but i tried it without any sauce n it was delici0us…thnkx 4 such
a nice recipe! :)

lisseth ore says:

big knife thnx for the recipe ot was delicious

Flyfisherman1962 says:


cutelittleangel98 says:

is it important to add sugar and tht sauce?? i really want to try it but i
dont have tht sauce…. :(

Salowa Salzer says:

I just tried this on my family and they loved it!

ukguy says:

you should try and make with palm sugar for an even better taste.

zedomax says:

@salowasalzer Awesome! I honestly got this from my thai friends who work at
thai restaurants!

iOoNamsomoOi says:

u should try spicy taste. it’s really good.

AngieFunkTown says:

omg ur camera suk

Glitterprincess23 says:

Thai spicy sauce is my favorite. Thanks so much zedomax!!!!

chadthedrifter says:

Good recipe, I learned to make this when I was in Thailand from a relative
I stayed with. Your cameraman could use a bit more practice, but otherwise,
great video

youa lao says:

very easy and don’t look good

zedomax says:

@cutelittleangel98 Yes, they are essential! You can try using another fish
sauce though.

ttasd1 says:

Thanks, i’m going to make that sauce for my Thai girlfriend.

AngieFunkTown says:

Lol. Thanks josh!

Ahbi Chang says:

haha nice. Just a little blurry at times

C Grooms says:

I think this is wonderful.. I tried the Thai Sauce for the first time last
night and I fell in love with it. Thank you for posting this!

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