I Was Served Raw Meat in a Thailand Restaurant!

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Chase B The Maverick says:

What a day. Haha

easyifyoutry says:

so if you had a motorbike accident and ended up in hospital you do have insurance right?

Carnivore Life says:

What a cool experience man, nice video

Ali Reza says:

savory gives meat a good taste,i used to eat cooked ground meat with savory

Mexico Unexplained says:

Glad to see another video from you. I'm a little concerned that you have no support system there, no friends to call when you are in a bind. Stay strong.

Nathanb B says:

is that raw meat at the restaurant pre-frozen?

miko manyake says:

Police in a nation and culture you are a guest in gives you a brake, are being kind, and you punk ass bitch whigger start hating cops. Grow up!

Summer is on Thursday says:

Because if your head gets popped like a grape you're not the only one who gets hurt I guess 😕 So unless you're immortal maybe not a good idea 😜

rocky says:

lmao thai police crooked af.

bandit says:

What happened to your last video bro, was gonna watch it but it disappeared. Peace :)

James Jay says:

Man that sounds like an interesting day with the cops. That would’ve sucked if you ended up in a Thai prison lol. What’s the options for getting a job in Thai land ? Will any random place hire a foreigner. Always wondered about that process and if it’s legal

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