Kata & Kata Beach Walking Tour – Phuket Thailand (Kata Beach Southern End)

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Vlog #56 – Continued on the tour of Kata town & Beach… Checking out the southern end of Kata Beach.

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Gordon Annison says:

kata is tops im in patong with friends until.i find somewhere to live and i have to say patong beach has improved %100 im even enjoying my walks along the beach they have gotten rid off all the crap i went for a surf it was good

allan fulton says:

Great video AJ . I can't wait until I have enough money saved up so I can visit Thailand and maybe even Phuket. I'm hoping to meet up with Simon and you because your and Simon's videos have made me want to go to Thailand.

Scuba Tom says:

You could add a new segment to your vlogs "weekly babe interviews"

mirabellefr31 says:

at 1:35 on the right side of the road : the songthaew bus stop (Kata) just near the governement building (water managementà. Cheap. The bus turns left to Kata-Karon (roundabout) and follow wall of club med and then east toward Phuket town. You can wait at bus stop or stop the bus anywhere (moving hand up-down-up-down). There are no bus from Kata-Karon to Patong beach. In Phuket town, stop at seafood market (and one stop before at big supermarkets)

pirate pete says:

Nice video. Thanks.


sorta got chased by 5 or 6 young thais on that road once.. lucky the moped i was riding managed super stealth mode and i undertook a bus on the corner and full throttled without looking back.. don't even know what they were up to.. possibly on ya ba or some shit.. it was late, they were going really slow, all i did was over take them and one started screaming his head off at me in thai… coulda been a bad one i reckon

Joe Livingthegoodlife says:

Great video AJ!The beach looks very relaxing.

Jean Marcel says:

Club Med is on your right .For me Kata is the most beautiful beach in Phuket followed by Nai Harn Beach in Rawai .

Andy Oswald says:

Looks fantastic AJ I can see why you have been longing to get back out. Does Kata get mote busy at the weekend?

Ronnie O says:

Have you priced out any condo's that are on the beach front? What do you think they run?
Even with the wind doesn't look like a total blow out….

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