KP – Thai Food Delivery

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Music: Trine Soundtrack – 14 Bramblestoke Village


broefkip says:

wait, you had to order food.. in dutch? O.o that must’ve been hell for
you.. where you from anyway?

Josh W says:

KP, just me giving advice, you don’t have to take it, but you shouldn’t
speak in a lower voice like you do sometimes when joking around. It sounds
funny, but not a good funny :P Just my opinion I’m sure plenty of people
will disagree with me.

LetsMundo DISWORLD says:

what is happening in 2:17 ? some green thing on the right side…

Korunde5 says:

I passed Kindergarten,okaaay? Hahaha

TheBloodPainter says:

one doesn’t simply walk after ganking teemo

Sam Burnard says:

kp marryme

Dios/God says:

Te meto como negro al bife

Alain Umali says:

When do you guys stream, KP? 

RacecingGame GamerRace says:

I’m From Thailand !! // Who ask you ??

Sorin Marian says:

u and Siv are a couple ? or best friends only ?

Yindoom says:

I think the name “Mommie” suits him very well in this video

TurkseYunus says:

Why everytime that she auto attack the minions there comes this weird blue
bowl like if she is selecting an item to cast? Please answer

TheC0deX says:

siv, im totaly drunk atm, but pls lets chill out one time! i will pay
everything for us ! 

Sky Ventus says:

Btw Siv is not Burma is Thailand

Enzo R says:

how does siv had curse jungle timers?

Alex Denison says:

Lol kP this is too funny!

Cybergurken Gurken says:

dont care bout thai food, just got killed by teemo shroom, IM HAVING

udntknw001 says:

Siv should just order the meat apart from the sauce.
Problem solved :)

RolaxLT TV says:

u know LegendofGamer is form Canada too..

Vincrand says:

Teemo in enemy team? ALWAYS buy zhonya :D

Jonas vW says:

i still dont understand what siv said from 0:08 -0:10 …

DevilHugoRF says:

I actually remember watching these streams, EU West was fucking up l0l.

Thebest juker says:

Do u imagine KP drunk? :)

Kim Jason says:

Its like Mommie is actually the mother of the two XD

Shadow86 says:

Dat Teemo kill :3 ahahaha

Hunor Modli says:

First of all: KP You look god damm beautiful ;) Its hard to look at your
videos whilst your beautiful eyes are there too :D
But the point is: try to be yourself. You and Mommie looks like two Siv
clones, but you have your own great and entertaining personalities. Staph
acting like Siv please :D Yea a know the way he speaks is funny, but its
funny only from him. When someone else tries to sound like Siv is actually
sounds like a cheap copy. You don’t have to act like siv to make people
like you, we already love you ;)
Just try to be yourself, and let Mommy be Siv 2.0
Of course its just my opinion and some will disagree with it, but honestly
you should invest more of yourself to the work, the feeling gonna be so
much better, trust me! ;)
Wish you all the bests! 

Simon Gremory says:

:D hehe more!!!

teddy idon'tknowwhattowrite says:

haha that shroom

. Cokker says:

Siv her boyfirend? or just friends?:)

Teoman x says:

siv hacı kusura bakmada bu kız çok tatlı be

Yuztok says:

These songs on the end of your videos are amazing!
Thanks for putting the name on the description,i wish other youtubers put
it too.

UrBaNStyLe95 says:

dat shroom tho :’D

MrMartiniish says:

That’s why I like to play Teemo xD) 3:09

Gaiden Tears says:


Arne Dumortier says:

that teemo at the end lol

Benjamin Knap says:

heyy we have great thai food

Alexandru Alexa says:

Most epic clip by now… I’ve watched it about 20 times by now :)

Laurentiu Anton says:


Martin Enlund says:

Teemo is a devil we all know that xD

Terencjusz Treder says:


Sultan Maihanwal says:


nikolai elias says:


Justas Butkevicius says:

c’mon Siv KP is just messing with you ;D

ItsTwink AndDerp says:

3:13 SilentRage

Ruben Lentz says:

0:08 “shit man I hate thai food” – Siv HD 2014

Erencan Aslan says:

I was watching siv’s stream live at that moment so when he died to teemo I
laughed so hard man :D:D and than he said “I’m just gonna blame kha zix for
not to warn me” in girly voice and I lost it guys, I fuckin lost it :AD:DAS

alp gülener says:

fkmo killed siv hd

Jinsung Jeon says:

dat teemo lol

PutzlumpenLP says:

how is she so cute

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